I know this incredible soldier of Christ

IN infancy he began to have problems. Violent seizures, lasting for hours and hours, the child’s body thrashing around. The mother scared and worried trying to protect the boy from hurting himself. At her wits end.

When the crisis would finish, the boy’s body would be drenched in sweat. His limbs limp and worn out.

When I met him he looked at me, that’s all. Just a look. Eyes clear as a new spring day. Alejo does not walk or feed himself. He makes gestures and sounds, but he can’t really talk much. Maybe a few sounds to say “mom” or “dad”. He smiles a lot. According to worldly criteria, Alejo is an unproductive burden to society.

But this young man works miracles for God’s kingdom.

I’ve seen his presence transform people. He’s converted entire families to the faith. Many times when there’s a war or natural disaster, he has a crisis — typically the night before the event. Alejo engages in spiritual combat in a way very few will ever know. He shares in the suffering of Christ.

The most innocent know God far better than the rest of us.

For Alejo’s parents, it’s a heavy cross to carry. But they do it with dignity and admirable perseverance. Their testimony as a family speaks strongly of God’s presence on this earth.

This boy can’t walk or talk. He can’t eat and must be fed by a tube. Still, he is a mighty soldier for God.

What am I doing?

What limitations do I put on myself? On the Holy Spirit? How can I possibly say, “I can’t”?

His mom says, “When we go to church, I ask him if he sees Jesus, and he laughs!” Alejo can’t even drink liquids. The only thing he tolerates by mouth is Communion. He partakes of the Lord’s Supper with great joy.

How glorious is God.

How he elevates the humble and the meek.

How great is our God who surpasses all worldly wisdom.

Thank you God, for Alejo. For his family. For his soul.

Thank you for blessing the world through his life. Thank you for blessing me to know him.

Protect and bless Alejo always. Keep your loyal soldier close to your side.

Alejo – Faithful solider of Christ

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