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Hi, I’m Vincent, the creator and owner of 3rdMM.

Since 2004 (17 years!), I’ve been using the written word to spread the Good News and explore issues of faith. Together, 3rdMM and my other website PrayerForAnxiety.com reach thousands of readers every day from over 195 countries around the world.

My sites are 100% reader sponsored. I have no staff. I do all the writing and web site management myself.

To reach even more people — instead of following a marketing strategy — I desire to follow God’s will.

More than ever, writers are supported by individuals. These insightful people appreciate the writer’s work. They see value in it and feel strongly that it should continue and thrive.

Maybe that means fellow believers will support my work, and I’ll be able to write even more for the Kingdom of Heaven.

I’m praying on this. Whatever God wants is okay with me. If it is his plan, may his providence come to me.

Either way, I’ll never stop writing for Him.

Writing for the Lord is one of the greatest joys of my life.

If the Spirit has moved you — if you feel my writing has value — please support my work. 

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