3rdMM Patrons

FIRST of all, thank you.

Just by landing on this page it means you care enough to take a closer look.

I’m Vincent, the creator and owner of 3rdMM, and I’m a writer by trade.

My dream is to be a faith based writer 100%. I sell some books here and there, but I’d rather not sell anything at all. In fact, I want to take down all the books I have for sale and give them away for free.

Instead of following a marketing strategy, I desire to follow God’s will.

Maybe that means I keep writing for him and for commercial clients too.

Or maybe that means fellow believers will support my work, and I’ll be able to write even more for the Kingdom of Heaven.

I’m praying on this. Whatever God wants is okay with me. If it is his plan, may his providence come to me so I can write for his glory alone.

If the Spirit has moved you — if you feel my writing has value — please support my work.

Here are the options:

Brick Builder – $3/month
(less than the price of a latte)

Standard Bearer – $5/month
(less than 2 cups of coffee a month)

Pillar of Support – $20/month (thank you for being so generous!)

What to expect when you click on the payment links…

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If you value my writing…

…if you feel it helps build God’s Kingdom…

Show your support.

Brick Builder – $3/month

Standard Bearer – $5/month

Pillar of Support – $20/month 

Thank you.

May God bless you abundantly!