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Hi, I’m Vincent, the creator and owner of 3rdMM. Writing for the Lord (and for you!) is one of the greatest joys of my life. My work is entirely reader supported. You will never see any corporate ads or sponsorship here.

Do you think there’s too much superficial, flimsy, or politically biased content out there? Do you seek something more spiritually driven?

Did you find something here that spoke to your beliefs?

If my words somehow nourished your faith…

If you feel my writing should thrive…

Please support my work. 

In the old days, writers and artists were supported by patrons. They were insightful people who had been impacted by the writer’s work.

They saw value in it and felt strongly that it should continue.

Do you feel that way about my writing? Is it worthy of support?

That’s for you to decide and act upon.

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