Could this be the day?

THIS has been speaking to me a lot recently. It’s been pounding at me so hard I have to let it out.

This message might reach just ONE man. And that’s fine with me. There are thousands, millions of men out there these days that feel like life is meaningless. I just want to reach ONE.


What are you living for? Do you have a fire burning in your heart that makes you want to get up everyday and face the world? Do you wake up in the morning and say, YES! ANOTHER DAY. AWESOME.

Why not?

Men are meant to live and struggle and love and feel joy. We should get dirty and sometimes get cut and bleed.

What do you need? What’s hurting or eating away at you?

Let’s be honest.

Does any of this describe you?

You might not have a job. Or you hate your job. You drink too much or smoke too much weed. You waste huge blocks of time playing video games and watching YouTube. You’re probably fat. You consume a lot of porn.

NONE OF THIS MATTERS ANYMORE. Let me tell you why.

Yesterday I was in a South American prison face-to-face with a man who had killed, cut up and burned his victim’s body. He showed me bruises and stab wounds he received a few days ago in a prison fight. I was visiting trying to help the guy. My life is the real deal. My life has a purpose, even danger maybe.

I am alive.


Don’t you want to live a life that makes you feel something? Anything? What’s your SOUL crying out for?

No more psychology. No more counseling. No more emotional manipulation. HOW ABOUT REALITY INSTEAD?

Years ago, I was an ass. I’d been given so many advantages and opportunities, but I didn’t value any of them. So I smoked too much pot, drank too much and did a lot of things I’m ashamed of. But that was not the last page in my life.

If you’ve read this far, maybe you’re thinking, “Something this guy says makes sense to me on a deeper level.” That’s an opening. Don’t shut it out. RESIST. Listen to that voice. Go with it.

Let me tell you more.


Now you might be thinking, “This guy’s a religious nut. I’m outta here.”

But what if God Is Your ONLY CHANCE?

I LOVE JESUS CHRIST. I have the courage to say this to anyone. This gave me the courage to blast out of my life all the crap that was killing me. It gave me the courage to overcome my insecurity — and I had tons of it. I’m not perfect at all. But the world doesn’t call the shots for me anymore. I am king of my kingdom, and it’s part of a great eternal Kingdom.

You might say, “I’m not sure I even believe in God.” Well, he exists. He is everything. And the sooner you let your soul breathe again, the sooner you’ll start to live again.


If you just keep sitting there, if you just keep wasting the days away, nothing will EVER change. But if you GET UP TODAY and decide you’re tired of how things are then you have a fighting chance.

And by engaging in the fight every day, YOU GET STRONGER EVERY DAY.

Don’t you want this? Don’t you want to be a solid man?

A man of conviction. A competent man. A man of God.

Like I said, even if I just reach ONE SOUL, that’s a victory.

If you felt something reading this, it just might be the Spirit of God speaking to you.

If it really is God —

— if he really exists —

— isn’t it worth giving him a chance?

My call is a higher call. Yours can be too.

Send me an email at, I don’t use a business email here. It’s just me. Email me. Tell me what’s going on. Maybe I can help.

Or just start following this blog. See if it speaks to you.


Peace be with you,


Try reading this.