Are you looking forward?

WE NEED a clear vision — directly from the Spirit — a vision of the future, of times yet to come. We must strive for a clear destination. The time will come when those who worship God the Father will do so in spirit and truth.

When will this time appear? Is it far in the distance? Are we close? Or are we still bound by the empty trappings of this world?

The powers of deceit contaminate our faith, perhaps now more than ever. Faith that relies on pure emotion, patriotic slogans, politics, nostalgia, privilege, or outrage — these are the ways of the world, but not of the Spirit.

Jesus rejected all these things. But we are lured into conflict, even to take up arms in the fight for faith. Or we are seduced by a flimsy, feel-good faith where nobody expects any real change. 

A heavy veil covers our eyes. We hide from the brilliant truth of the Gospel. And many use the Word of God as a wedge to promote a false ideology or nationalistic vision.

So many are afraid and angry now. We worry about threats to our lifestyle instead of worrying about those threatened by loneliness, famine, and war. Chaos, perversion, violence, and corruption are all too common now. The evil one drives us to the extremes of hate or hopelessness. These are fragile times.

But the Lord shows us a heavenly perspective. The Gospel of the Son of Man is truly revolutionary. He calls us to dig down deep first, to look inside.

Rip out the plank in your eye that blinds you, he says. Gouge out your eye or cut off your limb if they cause you to sin. The Nazarene cries out for a radical conversion of the heart. He proclaims the Kingdom of God to reign supreme in our lives.

The motivation he provides is his own sacrifice. He lays down his life to reveal the profound depth and beauty of God’s love. No words can fully express this. Instead, we see the Lamb of God on the cross. We come to the empty tomb to believe.

Today, instead of pointing to Jesus, are we too busy pointing fingers at everyone else? We’re terrified of each other. We’ve set a great distance between us and our neighbor. Some pray for political wins and battlefield victories. We pray to protect what’s ours, instead of praying to find new ways to give.      

Jesus does not represent any country, ideology, or way of life. He IS the Way.

Church leaders try to teach this, as they should. But it’s always only a shadow of the real person of Christ. In the end, he is the sole owner of grace.

At some point, we must go directly to him to be guided, to be transformed — to be cleansed and forgiven. But we forget this sometimes. We grossly distort what it means to be a follower of Christ.

His teaching is clear and simple. Be patient. Be merciful. Have a pure heart. Agree with your adversaries quickly. Beware of the adultery in your heart.

Make your yes, yes and your no, no. Love your enemy. Go the extra mile. Bless those that curse you. Be discreet about your good works. Seek your heavenly Father in secret, in silence.

Forgive 70 times 7 times. Do not accumulate wealth. Instead, seek the treasures of heaven. Trust in God’s providence. Pray fervently. Beware of false prophets. Do the will of the Father.

Follow the Lord’s teachings and you will attain life. And this life will be built upon solid fundamentals that will withstand even the most violent storm. In the end, the Lord Jesus Christ will raise you up on the last day.

The stage has been set. The world and its wars of every kind will continue to rage on. Satan has whipped humanity into a frenzy. For many, this is exactly what they want.

But for those that immerse themselves in the teachings of the Messiah, the result will be Spirit and truth in their lives. You won’t waste time debating it. You will live it instead.

You can focus on a political battle or culture war. You can gain popularity by inciting rage. You can shut your eyes and act as if nothing is happening. Or you can choose the freedom God gives you to be the salt and light of this earth.

Salt represents a promise, an alliance. Light represents hope and optimism, especially in the darkest night.

Jesus Christ — the living alliance and the living light — shows us the way.

This is the clear vision of the sons and daughters of God who will come together in spirit and truth. And there will be a great feast, a banquet where all are invited to sit at the table of abundance.

This vision comes from the Spirit — a vision of the future, of times yet to come.

. . . . . . .

And when Jesus finished these sayings, the crowds were astonished at his teaching, for he taught them as one who had authority, and not as their scribes.

Matthew 7:28-29

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2 Replies to “Are you looking forward?”

  1. No, I don’t feel that there is much for me to look forward to at the age of 73, suffering different aches and pains every day. The state of the world today doesn’t help either!


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