This is Adoration

IT’S EASY to imagine praise. When you praise God you express his greatness and goodness. You recognize his awesome works in your life and in others. You lift your arms and voice up and out to God. Praise is easy to envision. 

But what about worship? What about adoration? What does that look like?

You might see me kneeling in silence in the chapel. Am I praying? Worshipping? Adoring?

For some, adoration occurs in the presence of the Eucharist. But can we more precisely describe what adoration looks like?

It’s already been written. Remember the sinful woman who washed Jesus’ feet with her tears? (see Luke 7:36-50)

Fully trusting in the goodness of Jesus, she entered the house of the pharisee. She approached Jesus, kneeled down, and wept at his feet. She washed his feet with her tears. She dried them with her hair and rubbed perfume on the feet that walk on water. She showered the feet of our Lord with kisses.

That is worship. That is adoration. No description could ever be more vivid or precise.

Trust. Gratitude. Reverence. Tenderness. Love.

In a way, it’s a reflection. When we adore him, we receive, repackage and return what we get from God.

And then, the Lord pours out even more over you. His forgiveness. His peace.

Adoration is a tremendous, heavenly dialog, between God and his child.

Jesus, right there in front of you.

The deepest intimacy.

The most profound trust.

The peace your heart and soul yearn for.

Go to Jesus Christ. Adore him. Don’t be ashamed.

He will never, ever reject you. You are loved by him as you are.

Throw yourself at his feet and wash them with your tears.

Be not afraid.

For you are a sinner who has been restored by the tender grace of Almighty God.

Embrace his forgiveness.

Receive his peace.

And enter life everlasting.

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6 Replies to “This is Adoration”

  1. Pray for me brothers and sisters..i don’t understand Wat health problem I have. Dr said that is because of anxiety…how can i loose it… Please pray for me… I have very small kids I need to concentrate on them… Praise the lord.. Amen


  2. This is beautiful Vincent. I have been thinking about this lately, you gave me a clear picture of what adoration is, thank you! Great article.


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