A new definition

EVEN though I know this, I need to be reminded again and again. It’s mission critical to my faith. There’s always a lot of confusion about this… about faith in Jesus.

Too many times we obsess over being good or being right. Or maybe we insist that others have to be good, and it drives them away. It intimidates, irritates or scares them. 

But God doesn’t want the good. 

He wants the broken.

Not everyone responds to this invitation either. Even Jesus was rejected by many.

They preferred to crucify him rather than face the nakedness of their soul.

But many listened. And at long last they heard the message they had been yearning for.

Those who have been wounded and shamed,

those who have made a mess of their life,

those who know better but still went down the wrong path,

those who can no longer hide behind their pride since they know it’s a lie,

those who are tired of facing life all alone…

These are the ones Jesus wants. He wants the brokenhearted.

Otherwise, your heart gets hard and nothing really gets in or out. But the broken heart is the open bleeding heart.

It’s open and crying out for God.  

And that’s what Jesus seeks relentlessly.

A place to heal. 

And when the Spirit of Christ arrives, he rushes in. He brings abundant life. The Spirit stays and the wounded soul thrives upon him. 

And so you have…

Shame cleansed…

Wounds healed…

Thirst quenched…

Hunger fulfilled…

And love possible.

Lay bare your naked soul and be clothed by the mercy of the Lord.

Be a new definition.

Be a child of God.

“See, I have taken away your sin, and I will put fine garments on you.”

Zechariah 3:4b

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2 Replies to “A new definition”

  1. Thank you your special thoughts and lessons! Every one has lifted my spirit and is helping me feel closer to Father God again!


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