The heart of God

Reading the scriptures today…

“But one of the soldiers pierced his side with a spear, and at once there came out blood and water.” (John 19:34)

Some say the heart of Christ was punctured at that moment. Still, his heart was pierced before that. On his knees in Gethsemane… how much heartache did Jesus feel then?

Have I ever felt hurt in my heart? Of course. Many times.

Have I ever felt loss or betrayal? Yes. Very much. And betrayal is the worst since you trusted and you gave your heart. Or worse, maybe I was the betrayer.

How much did it hurt?

Gather it all together — all the hurt during all your life — bundle it up. Then double it. And do it again and again over tens of billions of times. That’s how much it hurt our Lord by taking all our shame, negligence, selfishness, and perversion upon him.

It was everything. Immense pain. All on one man, fully human.

When you think about this, don’t cut corners. This is not an exercise to make you feel bad. It’s a look at the truth. And we all need more truth these days.

The world is dizzy with conflicts and causes. It’s a swarm of political and moral debate where nobody ever seems to convince anyone of anything. Meanwhile Satan laughs at us chasing each other’s tails. What are we to do? How did Christ do it?

He spoke to the soul of the person. Jesus had a strategy. He had an argument and reasoning. He didn’t spout out vague slogans. Still, his main goal was not to convince anyone.

Instead, Jesus transformed.

You can too. You must. Or rather, you must let the Spirit who resides in you do his good work.

Don’t stop. Don’t get tired. Do not give up. Be tireless. Bottomless energy.

It’s okay to stand up for the right cause, but your core objective must be clear.

You are meant to win souls. Through, with, and in Christ.

Do you believe this? Is this what drives you? Does this create a deep hunger within you? If not, then ask why. Look back to where you veered off course. Go back there. Repent. And return.

It’s not about family or friends. You don’t need money or comfort. Titles and achievements will do you no good in this mission. Many things are good… until they become a stumbling block.

Be fed on the Word, Spirit, Bread and Blood of Christ. Let your desire to know the Lord renew the hunger to go into the world and be an active part of the Body that saves lives. Pray for this.

Do not get distracted by the chaos and ruin. Do not make a parallel struggle your god. Instead, fight the good fight. Keep Christ at the center. He is your life and your faith. All other things will pass away, but the Word of God will never pass away.

And when you need him desperately, his tenderness and love will lift you up, dear child of God. You will be made whole and strong again. You will go forth to drive demons into the abyss. Your life will glorify God Almighty. And you will find rest in the heart of God.

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