A modern psalm of rescue from anguish

YOU FACE the anguish and the pain.

You feel the hurt stab deep into your soul. It’s a dark place now.

Have you not seen? Have you not heard? Only one place can give you rest, only one place can set you free. It’s the presence of the Lord.

The Lord sees your struggle. He never takes his eyes off of you. As you wrestle with the demons in your mind, he waits.

You wonder, why Lord, why must I suffer so? Why won’t you help me?

But your story can’t be told so easily, can it? Whose life exists all neat and tidy with a bow?

Your history goes back generations. Your blood mixes with thousands of stories going back in time. You are wonderfully made.

And the world unlocks hidden feelings trapped deep within you — fear, rage, hurt, shame, and sorrow. You feel ripped apart inside.

And the anguish grows. You cry out loud — Save me, O Lord! Help me!

Agony, rage, and sorrow! I want to run and hide!

Let me go, let me out of here, break me free from this misery! I’m so sick of it all.

Then finally, when you are all worn out, and the ghosts go quiet, you look at him looking upon you. He gently untangles your thoughts.

You made the monsters bigger than life.

It’s not that you don’t hurt. You just don’t have to hurt alone.

It’s not that life is easy. You just don’t have to walk it all alone.

God the Father is here, and the Messiah too. The Holy Spirit is within you.

The Lord is good and patient and merciful. He is a great and mighty God.

So be not afraid. Dive even deeper into faith. Enter a wide open space. Let it amaze you.

Roam free with the Lord. Nothing can stop this — if you trust — if you believe. Do not doubt him for a second.

In the world, there will be tribulation. But in the Lord, there is freedom and peace. Nobody can take this from you. Not now. Not ever.

Give up your weakness. Give it all up to him. Embrace the Lord. Hold on tight.

He will make you solid. He will make you strong.

Do not wait for the world to change. Be the miracle instead.

Let your faith flow and breathe in you — fully alive despite the pain. Fully in love, shining bright in the darkness.

Move forward on the solid path. And walk upon the waters of your fears.

Stand upon the unbreakable rock. Christ Jesus is your Lord.

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