Against all odds

YOU HAVE seen the brilliant day unfold before you.

You have witnessed the massive sun cross the sky thousands of times.

You have seen the marvels and miracles of everyday life.

Given our complexity, human life exists against all odds.

Yet here you are.

And you have seen, with your own eyes, great wonders.

You have walked upon the waters of your fear.

You resisted the lies of the enemy.

You showed up. You were authentic.

You faced down the aggression and did not back away.

Somehow you found courage and conviction like steel.

Yes, you failed sometimes too.

You fell down in shame and sorrow.

You lost someone dear to you.

But even these things did not destroy you.

You were able to rise up, keep going, and fight forward.

And even if heaven is your destination, the journey is what matters now.

And for every moment of brokenness you endured, the Spirit of God explained to you why…

… to keep you humble — to keep you real.

With time you grew wiser, more solid and steady. You’ve got the scars to show for it.

So now, dear child of God, dig deep again into the archives of your faith.

Recognize when things suddenly turned in your favor — when someone found their faith — when a loved one was set free and healed.

Look again at your conversion and the fruit bursting forth from a life transformed.

Recall when the Lord showed up just in time to save you.

Remember when the walls came crashing down, and you thought you were doomed.

But somehow you survived. You made it through to the other side.

And you continue to exist against all odds.

Then go, and live a new adventure.

Write new chapters upon your life of faith.

Strive for more, much more, as God is generous, abundant, and good.

Strive to trust more — to love more — and to give more.

And by the mercy of the Lord, it will all be given to you. 

. . . . . . .

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

Matthew 6:33

. . . . . . .

(This post is dedicated to Daniel and his sister Jan.)

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