Be the good ground

THE INNER YOU. What do you find there? What do you see?

Is your heart a fertile place? Is it a place of potential?

Can the Word of God find rest inside you? Imagine that. God’s word, the seed of life, finds rest in you.

Is this possible?

But now, more than ever, many feel devoured, shallow, scorched, or choked. There’s too much to gather in, too much to grasp.

It’s as if many generations of hurt now reach their limit. Humanity can’t seem to get a grip on anything.

So we stumble along, drunk and aimless. Or we rip each other to pieces.

And the soil of our soul seems bleached and barren as we have nothing left to give.

Inside we find emptiness and failure. Desperately, we grope for lifeless things that give us an instance of relief.

And when the curtain pulls back we once again face the abyss.

But I say, LOOK AGAIN.

Look inside. Go deeper, get closer.

See all that hurt and shame, all the sin and selfishness. Right there in front of you, in the desolation, see the vast potential of Almighty God.

For in those deep dark places, if you gather courage, if you believe, you find the good ground.

Do you see it? Do you see what I see?

In the wasteland of our sin, the grace of God produces a deep, rich humus.

The humble, repentant heart, the wounded soul, yearns deeply for God’s mercy to arrive.

The seed finds rest.

An explosion of tenderness and grace brings forth new life.

In what you have buried, in that which is dead, thick strong roots dive deep — driven by the Spirit of God and watered by the Blood of Christ.

The good Lord lifts you up, out of the deadness, to live again — solid, confident in who you are, a child of God.

Your branches spread out in a wide arc. And the good fruit comes forth in great abundance.

It’s a plentiful harvest, a celebration of life.

Know this, in the seemingly dead soil, a great potential awaits.

So gather courage, you sons and daughters of the Creator.

Trust and believe.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, is impossible for God. 

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