Make your heart a spacious place

TOO MANY now live in fear. They close the doors. Their hearts locked tight behind iron gates.

They say, “If I let you in I might get hurt, I might lose what I have. I know because I’ve been hurt before.”

So they shut down. Maybe for good reason as vicious wolves prowl the night.

Still… resist the temptation to make security your deity as it will consume you faster than any pack of hounds. The heart was not meant to be a cemetery, a dead place.

Instead, make room. Fling the gates wide open.

Make your heart a spacious place, full of life, ready to receive. Make space for anyone, everyone.

Too many make their hearts a rigid place now, full of dense, immovable obstacles that suffocate life. There is no discovery, no mystery, and therefore, no God.

It’s an endless spouting out of rules believing the law will save them. It’s the desire for absolute control. And fear of oblivion drives them to make their heart a tight, cramped place.

Open things up, once and for all. For the goodness of grace needs room to breathe.

The Spirit must fly free.

For only the wide open heart can receive the full richness of the Lord.

Only the wide open heart accepts the sacred will of God with true loving obedience.

Only the wide open heart can love God and neighbor in the fullest sense.

Those received by the open heart will encounter mercy as the open heart has been reborn in God’s mercy.

The truly open heart is wise, not foolish. You are fully aware.

You know it will hurt sometimes. You know you may be betrayed, ridiculed, even crucified.

But the Lord sustains the open heart with a tenacious, indestructible grace.

There is no path without challenge or danger.

You may become a ravenous wolf.

You may become the walking dead.

Or you can live in a spacious place where your heart is akin to the Lord’s.

Open. Welcoming.

Willing and always waiting to love.

O blessed Lord, open my heart.  

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