About Third Millennium Man

This site is for those who have been broken… and then restored by the grace of God.

Third Millennium Man is not a movement or a church. It’s simply a place where people of faith come to share ideas. Every day it becomes more evident that we live in a fallen world. We need believers — of this third millennium — to rise up and invoke our God to give us the Spirit of power, love, and self-control.

For those who take up this call — this site is dedicated to you — and to our King, Jesus of Nazareth.

My name is Vincent H. Chough, and my life really began in 2004 when Jesus Christ entered my life. From there I began to leave behind all the horrible stuff that was murdering my soul.

I’m not a priest or a pastor. I’m a writer.

I bring home the bacon by writing. Most of my wages come from commercial clients. I also coordinate a men’s prison Bible study, and I’m an active member of our parish. I’m studying to be a Catholic deacon.

In the past, I worked as a physician in the US. I left that profession behind since God called me to a different task. Now I live in South America, and I am grateful for all the blessings I have received.

My wife and I are united in the heart of Christ. I serve my sons with a dedication that was impossible for me before. I am imperfect, but I cannot deny the work the Holy Spirit has accomplished in my life.

Only by doing my best to follow God’s plan was I able to begin to give up the things that poisoned me, my family, and the world around me. When I understood and embraced this fact, I was free to grow as a human being.

This website/blog doesn’t mean that I’ve arrived at a destination. Instead, I’ll share my experience, both past and present. Hopefully my words will inspire others to continue along the way the Lord called us to travel. Millions of souls cry out for us to respond to his call.

May God’s hand be upon you always.

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Creator & Lead Writer:

Vincent Chough brings prayers and reflections to thousands of readers every month as the creator and lead writer at PrayerForAnxiety.com. The site reaches people from over 195 countries across the world. Vincent earned his medical degree at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and practiced medicine in the USA for 10 years. He now lives in Argentina with his wife and five children.

For over a decade, Vince has helped coordinate Bible study groups throughout northern Buenos Aires. This includes hard to reach places such as prisons and poor neighborhoods – he is witness to the tremendous healing power of God’s Word. Vince also dedicates his time to writing and discipleship in schools and communities.

“Depression and anxiety have become the leading health problems for all developed nations,” says Vince. “We must take full advantage of the spiritual tools we have to face this crisis. Jesus Christ is the Great Physician, and I feel privileged to be an instrument in his plan of healing and salvation.”