Image of flower to represent Eden and hope in the desert.EDEN IN  THE DESERT
How can you find meaning in the crisis of 2020?

Hands praying image represents that seeking and knowing Jesus is the way to find rest and peace for your soul.FOR YOU
A place of tremendous security and strength.

Man looking over horizon to represent making a decision that is difficult and finding help in God.The Power of Decision
Discover the powerful combination.

A slingshot to show how persistence and focus help you to be an instrument in the conversion process of others.Slingshot or shotgun approach?
Feel the spiritual tension grow.

The harvest time is a time where consequences follow. This image of a farm harvest represents this theme - farm, bale of hay and field.The third harvest
What season are you in?

Image of jetpack which symbolizes that the salvation of Jesus Christ allows you to fly free. This joy should be transmitted in your life.The Jetpack Gospel
The full meaning of salvation is joy.

Image of hand of Christ during crucifixion representing that we must die for othersThe Stronghearted – the final part
How long? How far?

Image of 1 Corinthians 13 love versesStronghearted – part 2
The miracle nobody asks for – but should.

Photo of people waiting for the subway to represent the many people that sufferAre  you stronghearted?
Much tougher than previously thought.

Image of In God We Trust imprinted on a coin. This symbolizes the importance of trusting in God instead of ourselves.Don’t trust me
How trustworthy are you?

Image of sun like in the movie Apocalypse Now to illustrate how to understand our reaction in difficult timesIn the Apocalypse… Lift your head
What’s your End Times attitude?

Image of brick wall meant to represent messages from God to my heart that build his Kingdom in my lifeGot some bricks on my mind
Flashes of insight for my soul.

Image of boxer on his back knocked out (K.O.) to illustrate that when you make a mistake things aren't as bad as they seem if you seek God.The glory of defeat
When you really mess up, what next?

Image of man sitting and looking at mountains to symbolize seeking God and having more faithThe secret to have more faith
The Master told us exactly how.

Man praying in church with Bible to represent thinking about the heart of GodThe heart of God
Are you ready to see this?

Image of an iceberg to represent the hidden depths of evil and the hidden depths of faith in God.What’s below the tip of the iceberg?
Explore the limits of sin and faith.

Closeup of man looking up considering the promises of GodThe Deal of a Lifetime
You’ll never be the same again.

Ancient old coin representing the coins Judas threw at the priest after betraying Jesus.Did you not know?
Can you manipulate God? Some have tried.

Father and son walking hand in handWorld’s Greatest Dad
What does the Son think of the Father? Penetrating answer.

Hand touching wheat fields of gold and reflection about GodYou won’t get there by being good
The disciple of Christ must be humble. Find out how.

Man in water praying before God to show his thanksTEN TO ONE
There will be too many miracles to count when you fully grasp this.

cross on mountain topYou see it… don’t you?
Walking with Christ gives you deep insight. Much deeper than you can imagine.

man holding BibleThe all nighter
Try this and you will never be the same again.

Man walking on trailSaying goodbye to the Good Guy gospel
Disciples of Jesus should be good, right? You have no idea.

Hand reaching for cloudsI am part of the Body of Christ. TREMENDOUS!
What are the implications? Can you imagine the impact?

Open door to oasisThe secret back door to wisdom
You might actually be wiser than you think. It’s your perspective that counts.

open doors logoOpen Doors Report 2018 [AUDIO]
Their blood cries out. Are you listening? Are you praying?

Medieval knightI know this incredible soldier of Christ
Put your limitations into perspective. With God there are none.

Hands open prayingUntil it hurts
This might be the hardest thing you’ll ever do.

wolf eyeWho’s the Alpha? [AUDIO]
Think you have what it takes to lead? You might have to die for it.

truthHijacking the Gospel message
Has politics clouded your spiritual vision? Take back what God gives you.

man crossing water with ropeNever be satisfied, Rest Instead
Satisfaction in this world is impossible. Even though life is full of hard work and trials, find a rest that lets you thrive.

vigilantWhat happened to your vigilance? Find meaning in failure [AUDIO]
Mistakes seem even more painful when you walk in faith. How do you get through this? Amazingly, within failure you can still be vigilant.

image of man thinkingBe a Wise Man – Seek Truth
The process of truth seeking makes you wise. Find truth. Be free.

image of male lionAttitude
What does it take to be a giant killer? Are you sure you want to know?

Man on mountain with mapKnow exactly where you want to go
Nobody wants to go to hell –  but it sure is easy to get there. Know where you are and where you want to be.

close up of eyeWhy is it so hard to talk to people about God?
Who said it would be easy? Still, if you have the right perspective, you can be ready for anything. Share the Word.

Focus lensHow to find focus in everything you do
Having trouble keeping things in order? All too common, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Get back on track.

Man looking over mountainsWhat does it take to be man of your house?
A clear explanation about the vision you need to meet any challenge. What does it take to be king?

pieces of us billsYour dad’s money, your money and control culture [AUDIO]
In this podcast, I share how I became flat broke and still said no to money from my parents. Are you free?

prisonChristmas in an Argentine prison [AUDIO]
What happened behind those walls? Something incredible.

Image of man with face in shadowSomeone who reads this will die for their faith
Who are the spontaneous martyrs? What’s God trying to tell us through their testimonies?

LEGO knight getting stepped onOnce in a while you must be broken
It just might be the best thing that can happen to you. Don’t worry, this will only hurt for a bit.

Guy with whatever t shirtYou okay with this?
Take a sober look at our world. Fully grasp the urgent need to react.

coast guard drug bustLessons we can learn from the Mafia
Organized crime success can teach us a lot… even about ourselves. Yes, you should be afraid.

KingdomWhich kingdom do we proclaim will come?
Want to buy in on the cool, manly, hip version of Jesus? Or maybe you want a magic kingdom? Step right up sucker.