Navigate the mystery

YOU’VE learned a thing or two about life, haven’t you? Maybe you studied to get a degree. Or you raised a family and worked hard all your life. The bumps and bruises along the way taught you plenty of lessons.

You won some tough battles — and lost even tougher ones. And through it all, you grew in knowledge and wisdom. You’ve got the scars to show for it. This is the human experience. We all live it. No one is exempt. We figure things out along the way. 

Still, there is another place that many haven’t explored. Or they’ve only scratched the surface. There is no formal school or teaching that shows you how to navigate this arena. But it’s no less important than everything mentioned earlier. Actually, it’s the most important place of all.

This place is within you. It’s your heart and soul. Who knows how to navigate the mysterious terrain of the spirit? Sure, you might get by, but who’s guiding you? Do you place it all on your shoulders? Do you try to figure it out all alone? 

In God’s glorious plan, he provided us with a way. It all began with the Law that was given through Moses to the people of Israel. And later, God’s Word became flesh and dwelt among us.

In this way, we have a blueprint, a map that reveals to us how to navigate the matters of the spirit, the condition of the soul. 

Yes, you can ignore this all your life. You can continue alone in solitude. Perhaps a trusted loved one can accompany you. But inevitably, at some point, you realize a strong yearning exists deep within you.

It doesn’t mean the love you get from others isn’t real, but as humans, we love imperfectly. Nobody can take the place of God in your life — and nobody should be expected to either. And no human can speak directly to your soul like the Lord.

His Word will never cause you harm. His Word is life. His Word is love. His Word is Spirit. And his Word is Jesus.

You may have heard all this before. You may have even lived it once upon a time. And now?

Have the worries and distractions of this world taken control of you? Has your love grown cold? Have emptiness and routine invaded your life? Has the voice of the Lord grown silent?

The world tempts us to close our hearts, to stop feeling. But when we stop feeling, we stop living. So return home. Seek the Lord. Seek his voice. Enter again into his presence. Listen once more to what the Lord says to your heart.

Let your soul receive what it desires most — the tender grace of God — the adventure of love and freedom. These are not fantasies. Instead, this is what breathes life into all other areas of your life.

Jesus is the Good Shepherd. He gives his life for you. And he leads you to the finest pastures of never ending love and eternal life.

So it’s not a set of rules or a doctrine that motivates you. Instead, love is the rule. And faith is a person. So follow Jesus. He will show you how to navigate the mysteries of your soul and the secrets of your heart.

. . . . . . .

I am the good shepherd; I know my own and my own know me, as the Father knows me and I know the Father; and I lay down my life for the sheep.

John 10:14-15

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