All your prayers will be answered

I WONDER about so many things. I toss and turn at night.

I hope and wish things would turn out a certain way. And I do my part, as I must.

But in the end, the Lord alone is the owner of all grace.

So I will do what I can. I will try hard.

But the best thing I can do — above all others — is appeal to your goodness, O Lord.

I will appeal to your mercy.

I will appeal to your holy Name in heaven.

. . .

I am not foolish. I am not a child.

I know not all my prayers will be answered as I wish them to be.

Many godly persons and saints have gone before me.

They faced disappointment and loss. Not all their prayers were answered.

But they continued to pray fervently, faithfully, lovingly.

So let me pray with confidence as if all my prayers will come true — but humbly accepting the ones that don’t.

May your Spirit come over me to guide me, O Lord.

And may my prayer be a sweet aroma rising up to heaven.

. . .

Along the way, some of my prayers, many of them even, will come true.

Let me not give up on those prayers, O Lord.

For those are the prayers that sing joyously according to your will.

And from those prayers, in due time, miracles burst forth.

There will be healing, forgiving, and thanksgiving.

Many will come to know the Lord and be at peace with God.

Freedom will be found in the Spirit of Christ.

And even those who were once selfish and cruel, will come to know they can be generous and kind.

So again and again, I will appeal to your goodness for these things.

At your feet, I will appeal to your mercy.

And these wonders will be of your doing.

They will be the fruit of your mighty hand acting to bring forth the Kingdom of heaven. 

. . .

May I join with the Body of Christ, O Lord, lifting up its voice in prayer.

Clearly. Boldly. Faithfully.

Let us be purified together to trust more, give more, and love more — as we are the beloved sons and daughters of God.

Let us know this is the way to heaven.

And the Way is Jesus Christ our Lord.


. . . . . . .

I will sing of thy steadfast love, O Lord, for ever;
    with my mouth I will proclaim thy faithfulness to all generations.
For thy steadfast love was established for ever,
    thy faithfulness is firm as the heavens.

Psalm 89:1-2

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6 Replies to “All your prayers will be answered”

  1. Dear Heavenly Father this gives me a hope that the person who is harboring so much hatred towards me but refusing to tell me why is going to be delivered from all manner of evil thank you Lord for hearing and answering our prayers in Jesus name we pray Amen


  2. Please continue to pray for my son Sean who is going through severe anhedonia, insomnia diagnosed with Major Depression Disorder anxiety disorder. He took half a perscribed pill for sleep and it caused him to have a psychotic episode where he had to be put on antisychotics for 5 days, its been 15 days since he had that med and only on anxiety med twice a day for less than one month. He believes the meds gave him permanent damage. I do not believe that as he only took them to stablize the acute attack and has been out of his system for over two wks. He is in a delusion where he reads people got worse from drugs. Yes drugs can make you worse but not if you only took it for 5 days one time. I cannot get him to see that Jesus is the answer and that he needs to submit to our Lord and diligent seek him with all his heart mind and soul. I’m running out of time and options and want so much for him to be healed. I believe the problem is he really doesn’t have faith in Gods promises. Thank you so much for your prayers I pray for every young adult going through this that God will deliver them and heal them from head to toe in Jesus Precious Name.


    1. O blessed Lord… bring healing and calm to Sean… cast out the confusion in his mind… mend his heart, heal his wounds… guide the doctors to treat him with wisdom, compassion and skill… give Gina wisdom and patience during this time… let her wait and serve her son with tenderness and love… let her wait upon you, O Lord… let her rest and trust in your ways… bring Sean to health, O Lord… may your Spirit and your mercy pour out over him in abundance… in Jesus name, Amen.


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