You know the future

ARE YOU not yet sure? Are you doubting?

Where you are now, where you are going, what’s to come — do these things make you afraid?

Fear not, dear child, the Lord tells us.

You may not see the future, but you can know it.

You may not know how things will unfold, but you can be sure.

Without a doubt, the story of faith ends in heaven.

But it never really ends, does it? Instead, it goes on forever.

So in the Lord, you know the future as you live in his eternity.

And this gives you great confidence. 

Still, you live in this world, here, now. It’s flesh and blood and struggle.

You live with your trials — the tasks of everyday life.

Maybe you worry about every little thing.

Or maybe inner demons keep hounding you, haunting you.

So open the door a bit wider. Let the Spirit in.

Let his holy fire chase out the evil one and his lies.

But can you remain constant? How do you stay solid in the storm?

Just look around you. Look deeper. Look within you.

Behold. The Kingdom of God is at hand.

If his grace has come to you, then your heart knows, your soul knows.

You are safe and you are saved.

Abundant blessings flow towards you and from you.

And it’s not about being worthy. It never was.

Instead, it’s about mercy.

It’s about you being loved beyond all time and beyond all measure. 

It’s about his flesh, his blood, and your redemption.

It’s about being responsible and free.

And like Jesus, you may suffer greatly at times. You may even be rejected.

But know that in a flash like lightning, the Son of Man arrives.

Just close your eyes and tell him, “I am yours. You are mine.”

And he appears at that instant. He is there for you.

So seek him relentlessly. Trust and believe.

And the world will come pounding upon your door. The world will shout out, give up hope, give up faith.

The world will cry loudly, don’t you see that all is lost, it’s not worth it anymore, the end is near.

But you won’t answer. You won’t be hurried. You won’t be moved.

You will remain quiet and steady inside as your heart rests in the Lord.

And you will wait for him. You will make each task holy.

You are sure of who you are and where you are going.

You are a child of God. You are headed to the house of your Father.

And your Lord Jesus is the way.  

. . . . . . .

“For behold, the kingdom of God is among you.”

Luke 17:21b

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3 Replies to “You know the future”

  1. I’ve been in a valley for a very long time and know I’ve survived a lot of hurt and pain! I call it a Job experience. But with faith, feverent prayer, support from His and continued trust in Him I am entering his promises for me. I truly do not know what they are but, like a child, I am excitedly waiting with patience only His spirit can give me! The continued challenges are where faith becomes the pinnacle of our journey


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