It will be given to you

HOW CAN I remain hopeful? Is it possible in this day and age? I’m tempted to shut the door on the world, to hide from the hurt. But is that everything — is it all anguish and pain? Is there anything to be hopeful for anymore?

I say there is. I have seen it with my own eyes. I am witness to miracles in unexpected places. In hospitals, slums, and prisons — in families under a generational curse — a change has come, and even more is coming.

There will be difficulty. There will be loss. I cannot question the ways of the Lord. If we want, we are free to choose despair. But I have felt and seen undeniable goodness, the profound mercy of God.

I marvel at the repentant heart that has re-discovered joy. Darkness has no place in the Spirit-filled soul. So I gain confidence and cry out to ask for more, much more.

A great new brilliance shines now. I can hardly believe my eyes. So many fail to see the ongoing resurrection. The Body of Christ rises again and again in response to the crucifixion of the innocent.

The most terrified and wounded souls cannot deny the pure, giving love of our Creator. They rush to him. They cling to him. They will never let go of their Savior. They will never leave home again.

On the outside I see unpredictability, wavering, a crooked path, a hopeless cause. But the Lord speaks directly to the soul. He calls to the open bleeding hearts, and they respond lovingly, longingly. They will not be held back anymore.

The world tries in vain to silence the eternal resurrection. Great noise and wars and tragedy try to drown out faith in the Messiah. The name of Jesus is abused to consolidate worldly power. They try by force and deception to silence the Spirit. But it will never happen. These wretched tactics will not prosper.

Nothing can hinder the love that stops at nothing to give life, to bring salvation to the soul. Nothing will stop the lonely spirit seeking to come home to the Father. And the Body of Christ cries out for this. It asks. It insists and persists in faith.

Open the hearts, O Lord. Whoever is hurt, lonely, tired of their corruption, weary of their burden… let them come home. Let them leave behind the poverty of life without God. May the walls of isolation come tumbling down.

Let them know they have nothing to fear and everything to gain. They can be healed. They can be free. They do not have to be lonely anymore.

A good man, a trusted soul gave everything to show us why. He absorbed all our raging violence and pride into his innocent flesh. In return he gives us life eternal which starts here and now.

May the Body spread its arms to embrace those who come home. Let them know they are beloved brothers and sisters and children of God. 

May we not depend on human arguments or worldly means for this revival. May it be purely Spirit-driven, an outpouring of mercy.

Let us love unconditionally, O Lord, knowing you alone are the giver of grace.

May many souls look upon the cross to be humbled.

May they come to the empty tomb and believe.

. . . . . . .

And I tell you, Ask, and it will be given you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For every one who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened. 

Lucas 11:9-10

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