Sun and spring water

I AM LOST without the Lord.

I roam about in the wilderness, hide in dark caves. Cold and lonely, I shiver. I howl at the moon.

Or maybe I build a complex labyrinth, a vast superstructure. But it’s all hollow inside. No sign of life.

I’m capable of anything really. But none of it gives me rest.

The enemy tricks me into thinking, you are the master. You have it all under control. The devil gives me plenty of rope.

Later, I’m all tangled up, and the demon comes to me and says, now you are mine, all mine, my slave. So there I am, hogtied to my own self sufficiency.

And the Lord comes to me and says: Child be free! Break free from your bondage, your loneliness. You don’t have to go it alone.

Do you not know? Have you not heard? Almighty God is with you. He is here.

You may ignore the sun and spring water, but they still give you life. How much more then, the Creator?

How gracious is he that he lets me know him. So generous and kind.

I seek him, I hear his voice. His Word opens wide in front of me. He shows me his human form, the Son of Man.

A good, kind Master, Messiah, manna from heaven. My friend, my brother, my King.         

No longer lost, I come out from the wilderness, I step out of the cave. He leads me out of my twisted maze.

I step into a wide open space of sun and spring water.

At rest in salvation, by God’s grace I am free.

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