Let the truth sink in

I CANNOT deny two things, three if you count them all. They have been engraved on my conscience, on my heart — eternal truths revealed to me.

The first truth is the difficulty, the harshness of life. Time and again I have seen this. I only need to look back upon my own life to know what all humankind carries in their heart.

I have been difficult. I have been cruel. And I have seen this in the best of us. I have never met anyone perfectly kind. And that’s fine with me. That is our reality. We are all created equal and human after all.

The second truth is we all yearn for freedom.

Maybe we desire to escape from our inner shadows. Maybe we want to express the deep beauty hidden within us all. Or perhaps we just don’t want to hurt anymore. And this hunger for freedom takes us on a wild ride.

We do things we shouldn’t do, say things we shouldn’t say. We dig ditches that make no sense. We construct empires, build up Babylon, but it’s never enough.

The thirst for freedom runs deep. It’s the desire to return to Eden. Ironically, it’s also what makes us fall. 

The last truth is one I heard almost twenty years ago. I barely even knew I was looking for this. I was unaware of the emptiness I carried in me for oh so long — the lonely soul that had no notion of its Creator.

I thought I was free, but really I was incredibly tangled and tied. My idea of freedom was a prison, all shackles and chains. The last truth then is the greatest truth of all.

And so I heard the words that fine spring day:

”You are not alone.”

Simply knowing this changes everything. Simply knowing God exists opens the door to salvation. Do you want to walk through it?

The Gospel tells us that the Son of Man was sent to rescue us from the death of sin and to save our souls. This is a core truth.

My first prayer as a man was with my face on the floor, in a pool of tears, asking for forgiveness. But the message of repentance alone is far too narrow.

The Lord comes to us when we are sick, bleeding, hurt, sad, blind, dead, and sinning. He sets us free from our inner demons. He gives us abundant life, eternal life, freedom unlike anything we can imagine.

And from there repentance flows freely like a river as we are so grateful that we are finally, truly free. 

Let these truths sink in. We have fallen. We want freedom, but it escapes us. The blood of Christ sets us free.

Let the Spirit of God write these truths upon your heart. Upon receiving these truths, let your soul rejoice.

It’s coming home. It’s the promise of a new Eden. It’s sharing in the peace and victory of the Lord.

. . . . . .

I have told you this so that you might have peace in me. In the world you will have trouble, but take courage, I have conquered the world.”

John 16:33

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