SOMETIMES I get mad. I lose it. And it’s terrible. I feel stuck, blocked. I can barely move forward let alone think. Tight stomach, burning chest — it’s like eating hot coals.

Sometimes I’m all ego, absorbed in myself. I want it my way. And I shut my eyes, ears, and heart to the needs of others. It tastes like sweet poison.

Sometimes I’m weak. I don’t defend my convictions. And the coward in me ducks his head since he won’t stand up for what’s right.

Sometimes I’m arrogant and proud. And as I look down on others, everyone else sees the fool in me.

Sometimes I’m lazy. I’d rather look at my phone than do what I should do and can do. And precious hours melt away, lost forever.

Sometimes I don’t take care of myself. And my body pays the price for my selfish desires. 

But the Lord tells me, I know all this already. I know these things hurt you deep inside.

I know you don’t like these things about yourself. I understand your shame.

So let it all out in my presence. Confess it freely and let it go. I do not condemn you.

I won’t wave a magic wand and make it all go away. Instead, my forgiveness reveals a deeper, lasting truth.

Together we will build upon the wreckage of your sin.

We will bury it together with the Son of Man.

And then I will lift you up again with the Risen One. 

Then you can say…

Sometimes I’m patient. I wait and weigh my words carefully. This makes me solid and steady.

Sometimes I’m generous. And I can give freely without thinking twice. It’s like singing pure joy.

Sometimes I’m strong. And even if Satan unleashes a horde of demons against me, I will not stumble. I will not fall.

Sometimes I’m humble. And the Spirit finds in me an open heart where he can make a home.

Sometimes I work hard. I grit my teeth and get the job done, no matter how difficult it is.

Sometimes I take care of myself. And I’m healthy, energetic, and free. 

For his grace is sufficient for me. Everything else is fleeting.

God’s love is eternal. His justice and mercy are pure. His Word gives everlasting life to all those who believe. 

. . . . . . .

For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved through him.  

John 3:17

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2 Replies to “Sometimes”

  1. I’m so thankful for these encouraging words,they are just what I needed to get through today.lately I’ve been feeling like a failure, I’m 22 and I haven’t achieved anything I feel stuck.when I look around me it’s like everyone else is moving forward but not me and my health hasn’t be so good either,I wonder where God is taking me, please keep me in your prayers.


    1. I am praying for you Sandy. This is not the last chapter of your life. Keep trying no matter how hard it is. The Lord will guide you and help you. Make the effort. Trust. Believe. You can do it!


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