You are light, nimble & quick

IS YOUR spirit tired? Is your soul fatigued? Is it hard to feel joy due to the burden of responsibility? Or maybe a personal trial has hammered at you for a long time now. 

So it’s work and bills and the grass growing high. It’s worrying about your kids or witnessing long-standing family strife. It’s seeing people you love hurt themselves and each other.

Maybe a careless word cuts you. Or you lose patience and lash out. You might give too much of yourself. You stretched yourself too thin.

It’s the weight of being human. It’s the burden of the cross. 

And once in a while, you end up totally exhausted. Your body and spirit ache, emotionally and spiritually drained.

You need something some might call prayer. But it goes deeper than that. Much deeper.

It’s your tired hungry soul seeking sustenance. It’s a spirit driven thirst.  

At times like this, you don’t have the strength to pray for others. Yes, they may need your prayers, but you just can’t right now. There’s nothing more for you to give.

Here, it’s just you and the Lord. And what does the tired child do upon finding the Father?

You collapse into his arms. And he holds you tight.

Tired and wounded from it all, you come in from the storm. You find safe refuge even as the battle rages on.

And the Lord speaks to you the Word that echoes across eternity. The Word that created heaven and earth speaks to your heart.

He speaks health to your spirit. He speaks life to your soul. He says to you…

You are weary and burdened. Come to me. I will give you rest. You are my friend, my child.

Remember, I lay down my life for you. I am eternal life, and I give myself to you.

You shall never perish. No one will snatch you out of my hand.

You can come and go as you please in my spacious pastures of grace.

In my commandments, you shall abide in my love.

I reveal these things to you that you may be full of joy.

I am the Good Shepherd. You are my sheep.

Rest in me, my child. Tomorrow will wait for now.

And even though you thought you were empty, you realize you weren’t at all. Instead, you were full of tension and anguish, full of short and long term hurt that got you stuck somehow along the way.

Built up over time, the burden of your life comes pouring out, a rushing river of release. And the Lord takes it all upon him.

He receives the heaviness of your heart into his wounds left wide open for eternity.

And after this, you are indeed empty. You let it all out to him. You told him how much it hurts and how hard it is for you sometimes.

You don’t seek special treatment. You know you aren’t exempt from pain. You’re willing to fight the good fight. But it’s not so easy right now.

So please Lord, just let me rest here for a moment. Let me just let go for a while. 

And into that emptiness, the Spirit of the Lord pours out and into you.

He traverses and calms those raw places. He moves quickly to fortify those forgotten corners where your spirit stood its ground for far too long. He frees you from carrying it all alone.

Yes, you return to your exact same life, but things look different now.

Your spirit is light, nimble, and quick.

You’re not responsible for everything. You can’t save the world.

But in crying out and up to God, you have changed.

You made more room for him… in you.

This is the reward of the humble and meek who seek the mercy of God.

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