I catch myself singing praises

I CATCH myself singing praises all of the sudden, right out loud.

The good things, the great things call me to open my lips in praise.

Not just for the here and now, but for what’s to come, for tomorrow’s sake.

I catch myself singing praises, even during winter time.

The Lord shows me he works everywhere, anywhere, all the time.

Even in the dark places, even in my shadows his goodness comes for me.

And every time I fall down again, he still lets me be me.

I praise him for his sons and daughters, the ones set free by Jesus’ blood.

Such noble children of God, I see them working, driven by passion, thankfulness and love.

I catch myself singing praises, even though broken hearts cry out these days.

I know my praise means something, as it joins with many voices crying out to heaven today.

I catch myself singing praises, again and again, let it soar.

For this is the happy cry of the rescued soul seeing God’s promises unfolding now, tomorrow and forever more.

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4 Replies to “I catch myself singing praises”

  1. Lord help with with good health and happiness to me and my family and the people known and unknown.i help people in the name of lord.please bless with abundance of good health


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