I just can’t help myself. Really.

THEY bowed down to worship the golden calf, and so it went. Even before biblical times, we went to great lengths to create our own gods. 

I’ve heard some say that worshiping Jesus Christ is wrong. They say maybe Jesus did not really want us to worship him.

They tell me that his message was distorted. Those in power did this to stay in control, they say.

If Jesus was just a man, like any other man, I agree. I should not worship him. And we can argue forever about the veracity of scripture.

Still, in the end, my gut tells me something different.  

So here’s the truth. I can’t help myself. And neither can anyone else.

We worship the things we love. If we bow down to money, sex, power, or control we do so willingly. You can’t fake it.

Fanatic sports fans don’t scream and shout out of obligation. Meanwhile, some who call themselves Christian really don’t worship God at all. Instead, they fall back on the old gods of power and control.  

Why would anyone want to worship a historical figure like Jesus of Nazareth?

If you’re going to worship, deep down you wonder, what’s in it for me?

For me, it was all about mercy.

And the Lord says,

“Yes, you made a mess of things. You thought you had it all figured out. You did things your way, on your own. You embraced behaviors and attitudes that hurt you and the ones you love. But guess what? I still love you. Even if you don’t change now, I will still love you. You will always be free to choose.

I promise you this: you can be with me in paradise.

I forgive you.

You can be free.”

Now some teachers of the law were sitting there, thinking to themselves, “Why does this fellow talk like that? He’s blaspheming! Who can forgive sins but God alone?” (Mark 2:6-7)

Just like the paralytic, in my gut I knew. If I wanted to be free, truly free, the mercy of Christ was the way.

Has this happened to you?

It’s not an easy way out by any means. But it is real.

Authentic. Life changing. Powerful. Spiritual.

You may still be getting untangled from some things, but you are no longer alone in the struggle.

Maybe it’s not so much about avoiding hell. It’s more about escaping from hell.

Just like everyone’s relationship with God is personal, our relationship with hell is personal too.

And if someone frees you from your personal hell, what does your reaction look like?

You fall upon your knees in thanksgiving.

You worship. 

It’s kind of strange to worship a human being. Still, humankind has done this for centuries. We still do.

How many modern pop stars are the object of adoration?

But if we are going to worship a person in spirit and truth, then it must be God as Man. It must be the perfect manifestation of the human being.

In all the great religions, no one else ever claimed to be God while also walking the walk of perfect wisdom, service, humility, and love… except Jesus.

We all worship an ideal, something we believe in that will make our lives better and bring us good things. That’s why money, power, and control are so tempting.

But these are dead things. They cannot give life. They cannot forgive you.

They cannot go to the cross to show you how much you are loved.

Only He that is God can set you free.

His mercy is bountiful and sweet. It can even be overwhelming.

Be not afraid though.

Dare to trust. Dare to believe.

Then fall down and worship the One that resurrects you to eternal life.

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