In the eyes of the Father

I GET impatient sometimes. Do you? You have waited for years and years for a change. You might see a gradual movement, a tiny shift. But why is it taking so long? Will things ever really change?

From the Father’s eyes, it’s all going exactly as planned. He has all the time in the world to do his good work. 

. . .

I am overwhelmed sometimes. Are you? There seems like so much to do and think about at every turn. Life whirls around and makes you dizzy. How can you possibly keep up with it all?

From the Father’s eyes, he sees all and knows all. Nothing escapes his view. He invites you to trust him at all times, in every circumstance. Dive deeper into trust. Be not afraid.

. . .

I get angry sometimes. Do you? I just can’t believe how some people act or fail to act. How can they treat each other that way? It’s unfair, cruel, barbaric.

Tears fall from the eyes of the Father upon seeing all the hurt and hate. The Word says one day God will pass final judgement as he is a just God. Meanwhile, he invites everyone to the feast of reconciliation as he is a merciful God.

. . .

I feel tired sometimes. Do you? I can’t seem to muster the strength I need day after day. Simple tasks suddenly rise up like a forty foot wall.

From the Father’s eyes he sees his child struggling and whispers, “Turn to me. Enter into my presence for a time and rest. Gain courage and strength. Your struggle and effort matter to me. Dear child of mine, my Spirit will give you wings to soar over every obstacle that keeps you away from me.”

. . .

I beat myself up sometimes. Do you? I’ve made such huge mistakes. I should know better. What a disaster. I wonder at times, is there really any hope for me?

The eyes of the Father see his Son in me, and in you. He sees his precious, innocent Son. God gave everything to reveal the fullness of his goodness, all for you. By the blood of Christ, you are God’s beloved child.

. .

I worry sometimes. Do you? Things look bleak. The world celebrates every form of indecency. Atrocities fill the headlines as we tear each other apart. Entire populations feel lost, without a shepherd.

From the Father’s eyes, he knows all time is his time reaching back before the first dawn. He knows in the darkness, his Light shines with the force of a billion suns. He remembers the darkest day ever, on Calvary, on the cross. Even that terrible day did not mean the end. Instead, it was a brilliant new beginning.

. . .

I doubt sometimes. Do you? Where is this world heading? My family? My life? What’s to come?

The eyes of the Father see you, and he invites you to see the risen Lord Jesus. He came back from the dead in flesh and blood. Not ghost or spirit, but instead the glorified Man. This is not a myth or a fairy tale. This is our greatest truth. This is our faith. Let it sink deep into your being.

The Resurrection is real. And by the grace of God, your resurrection awaits you. Your eyes will look into the eyes of Jesus, and you will know you are home at last.

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10 Replies to “In the eyes of the Father”

  1. Thank you Vincent
    Today…Your word touched my heart…
    God is good…all the time God is good…
    Thank you again and may the Lord bless you and your family…+++…xxx…🙏


  2. Oh how my soul needed this right at this moment. Life has been one struggle after another lately. A lifelong battle with depression, siblings who totally ignore me, a highly stressful job, and trying to care for an aging parent alone—it’s all overwhelming. I’m hanging on by a very frayed thread. Am weary and exhausted. So thankful for your timely words. God bless you!!

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    1. Dear Faith, You certainly have a lot on your plate. Don’t give up daughter of God! The struggle is worth it. You are worth it! I will be praying for you and your family. God’s grace, peace and blessings to you!


  3. I am going through debt situation which has made my mind lost concetration and panic in order for me to get out of it. There is conflict in my soul and spirit and mostly i feel like losing faith in God day by day because nothing seems to be helpful. Please all that article u wrote its waisting my time but there is a inner smooth feeling that is keeping me strong and nt to lose faith . I dont know what to do


      1. Love this list of Psalms. Another one that resonates within the depths of my soul is Psalm 139. Even in my darkest hours, days, weeks…it soothes and calms my spirit…reminding me that God knew and loved me before I was ever born. In our daily struggles it’s difficult to see our God working in our lives. But as I’m slowly learning through my own dark days, it’s in our darkest places that God’s light shines brightest. Please hang in there with God, Bruce. This is where the seeds of our faith are stretched. But as certainly as I’m writing this, I believe He’s walking with you in your trials. I’m lifting you up in prayer.

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  4. Vincent and Faith thank you for word of uplifting in deed i feel relief and peace just by seen you responding to me. It made me feel like am nt alone and that makes me strong . Thank u guys keep praying for me. God bless u

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