What you have in common with Jesus

I AM CONVINCED more and more that communion with God is everything.

Many people, truly good people, do not seek God.

Still, I wonder how they deal with their hurt and anguish. I wonder how they discover their deepest desires. How do they deal with their miseries and shame?

How do they experience celestial joy?

As for me, I can not appreciate these things at their fullest without going to God.

In prayer, behind closed doors, my time and attention fully given to him.

Doing nothing else at all.

Just pray.

Yes, I can go about my daily routine and execute life tasks. But the nurturing of my soul requires food from heaven.

This only comes from God, the Creator.

The healing of my deepest wounds cannot be fully realized with time, self-help, or psychology.

I desperately need God for this.

I need him to show things to me and to explain things to me. I need his mercy. I need to tap into the love that created the universe.

I need his love to tell my story.

And amazingly, this makes me Christ-like.

I cannot seek the Father with the same intensity, dedication, and love like Jesus. Never, not even close.

But I do need God so very, very much.

This at least I have in common with my Lord.

And the truth is, we all share this need. Some may not realize it with their heads, but the heart understands.

The soul knows.

So Jesus went to deserted places to pray. He climbed up to the mountain top. He hid himself to receive guidance and nourishment from his Father.

But most of all, Jesus went to his Father since he loved him.

And the Spirit of God rejoices in this love between Father and Son.

And the Spirit of God pours himself out over every child of God that seeks his presence.

You come away healthy, blessed, and nourished.

Your encounter with God transforms you into fertile soil. There the Word of God lands and sends forth deep roots.

You are planted, you are solid, you are strong.

You have abundant life in the love of Christ Jesus.

“This is the one who produces a crop, yielding a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown.” 

Matthew 13:23b  

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