Who answers this call?

Today, I see many claiming truth and authority.

I see them organizing massive campaigns and marches.

I see multitudes pouring out into the streets again and again.

Everyone incited. The world on edge.

Finger pointing and accusations on all sides.

Emotion runs hot as power and corruption thrive.

Everyone, everywhere calling out for action.

Still, there is one call never heard from the megaphone or loudspeaker.

One call we humans never seem to hear.

Am I too caught up trying to extract the mote from my brother’s eye?

Or maybe I want to gouge it out.

Here’s the call:

Take up your cross.

Go to Calvary, to Golgotha, the place of the skull.

Die unto the Lord and put an end to your disordered passions.

Walk upon the path of humility.

Love your neighbor. Love your enemy even.

Bless those who insult you.

Give up your life to find it.

Who is truly giving their life?

Who answers this call?

Who instead seeks to consolidate control?

Many answer the call to fight for freedom.

They show up with their helmets, knives, and guns.

Some genuinely love freedom, others only want blood.

Men will fight and die for their freedom as they must.

But how many will answer the call to humility?

How many enlist to be a slave to the Lord?

How many will fall to their knees asking for forgiveness, imploring for God’s will to be done on earth?

How many run to forgive 70 times 7 times?

How many will march into the slums and shanty towns?

How many will embrace the homeless and the hungry?

How many will rise up to meet the vast need in places of misery and war?

How many will go there to share the Good News and preach the resurrection of the dead?

Those are the Christ-like ones I admire.

We rush to fight for our rights. Good enough.

But do we hurry to listen to the grieving mother who lost her child to gunfire?

Are we anxious to hear those who have no one to talk to in their solitude?

Do we seek to help those who could care less about our culture wars and ideologies since they can’t even pay the rent?

Who is fighting to make the outcast feel human again?

Who’s going to those hidden places, into the shadows where no light ever shines?

If the Body of Christ does not rise up to march there, can it even be called the Body?

So many political games. So much money to be made. So much vanity to be satisfied.

So much seething resentment.

And meanwhile, enormous opportunities to serve the King go to waste.

The Lord says, Come Follow Me.

Who will answer His call?

For this is the call to the glory of God.

This is the call to bring His Kingdom to life on earth.

A Kingdom that will outlast all thrones, dominions, principalities, and powers.

It’s the call to a deeper humanity, recognizing the sacred in all humankind as we are the image of God.

This is a call to the broken ones who have been restored by grace.

A call to worship and serve our Lord, our God.

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2 Replies to “Who answers this call?”

  1. Truthfully spoken, as a quiet person silenced by social indifference I ask myself the same questions. You are so correct and reading this has made me feel I need to do a lot more through Christ. I have been strengthening my faith during the pandemic lockdowns and growing stronger, after a lifetime of being told I was wrong, bad and serve no purpose. Thank you for posting and your website has seen me through very tough times


    1. Thank you for comment Tess. You are so right… it is time to grow stronger in our trust in the Lord. I also ask for inner healing and mercy so that he can build upon a healthy foundation. God bless you!


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