Here’s heaven for you

YOU KNOW what would really be hell? You might imagine fire and heat, but it could be worse. Much worse.

You know what heaven might look like? You might imagine clouds and angels, but it could be even better. Much better.

It would be hell to never be able to say you’re sorry again.

It would be hell to never be thankful and instead be bitter forever.

It would be hell for things to end without giving it your best shot, never standing up for anything, not even for yourself.

It would be hell to realize God gave you breath, life, and love, but you never gave him much thought.

It would be hell to never get the chance to say I love you.

It’s the ugliest, least authentic version of you forever.

Imagine chewing on all that frustration, hurt, and lost opportunity for eternity.

That’s hell. 

But what about heaven?

It’s heaven to know today is not the end, and there’s always hope for a better tomorrow, a second chance.

It’s heaven to know that you never gave up trying. And even in your weakest moment God held you in his hand.

It’s heavenly to forgive and be free of resentment.

It’s heavenly to be forgiven, washed clean of even your deepest shame.

It’s heavenly to know you are God’s child and find true rest there.

It’s heaven to know that when the sharpest accusation appears against you, Christ raises his wounded hand to silence the accuser.

It’s your honesty and integrity at its fullest as you walk free in spirit and truth.

It’s the version of you that is cherished and loved.

And even after death itself you rise to live forever in God’s eternal kingdom of glory.

These are the images of heaven and hell that I envision.

Beat back the demons of your hell.

Run, fight, and claw your way to your heaven.

Even better, see the Lord Jesus right there for you, and let him take you.

Receive him and rise with him.

Follow the Lord walking on the water, upon the clouds, striding into his Father’s Kingdom leading the way.

Set your feet firmly upon the path to heaven that is Christ Jesus.

You don’t have to be strong or superhuman. Instead, trust in the mercy of the Lord. Find all the glory of heaven there.

What is the mercy of the Lord?

It’s his heart, wide open, vulnerable and waiting for you.

In the heart of Jesus, there is room for all those who wish to enter with him into paradise.

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