COME O MERCIFUL LORD, breathe life.

Breathe the life of your Spirit into me.

May I receive you O Holy Spirit, O Holy Lord, O Ruach, O Breath of Life.

May your soft, gentle breeze enter and revive those dead places, the hidden corners where your Light has been absent for oh so long.

Bring me back to life by the force of your Resurrection, by the force of Eternal Life that emanates from the Father, Creator God.

O Holy Lord, may I breathe life again into those relationships that seem distant and lifeless.

May I bring life to them through you as you, O Ruach, live in me, O Breath of Life.

Bring to life the people and places where hope has faded to night and they find no meaning.

Where sorrow, confusion and doubt block you out, come, O Spirit of God, and breathe life again.

Where anguish, solitude and division seek to destroy, come O Ruach, come and rebuild hope again.

Breathe hope in the Risen Lord, hope in God Almighty, hope in Salvation.

May nothing stand in your way, O Lord of Life.

May nothing hold back the finger of God coming down from heaven to touch the earth.

May nothing resist the wind of your Spirit that softens the hardest heart and soothes the deepest wound.

Yours alone is pure goodness and love.

I come to you, O holy Lord, with this request for healing, for life, for freedom in the name of Jesus Christ.

May I walk with confidence as the Spirit of God goes before me to prepare the way. He is a firm wind at my back.

Lead me, teach me, sustain me.

May I receive you O Holy Spirit, O Holy Lord, O Ruach, O Breath of Life.


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