Love is my story now

SO MANY TIMES I feel like nobody understands me.

They may care for me or show compassion, but nobody really knows me.

Do you feel this way sometimes too? 

Like nobody really knows you at your deepest most inner self?

Even those close to me, those that love me, can never fully know me.

How could they?

They’d have to be me.

And so, a certain sense of loneliness lives in all of us. A place where you’re suddenly all alone.

And God knows this. He understands you.  Still, it’s hard for us to understand him. How can we comprehend the Creator of the universe? There could only be one way.

So he comes to you. As a Man on his knees. 

And he shows you. On the cross.

He pours himself out over you. From heaven.

And he lets you know, it’s all forgiven. All forgotten.

If you believe in him. 

If you’re willing to take a risk and really believe in love.

He says, “I will do anything to prove how much I love you. I take your wounds upon me. Upon my flesh and innocence. I do it all for you. So that you may trust. So that you may believe. So that you may be free.”

So say it.

If anyone can, he can heal me.

If I can trust anyone, it’s him.

Even my deepest wounds can be healed.

The deep stain of my shame, washed clean.

I can be made new again.

He has great plans for me.

I am never, ever alone.

I live healthy, clean, and free.

In Christ Jesus, I am home.

Love is my story now.

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