An ancient message for right now

WHATEVER you are doing now. Just stop.

Wait a second and listen.

Hear this out.

It’s never been more important than now. Here.

Your life has been filled with moments, good and bad. 

Sometimes more bad than good, maybe? Sure.

And you’ve stumbled. Hurt someone. Hurt yourself.

You’ve got the scars to show it.

And maybe at night, all alone you cry out into the universe,

What’s the point?

And you cry some more, even if it’s just on the inside.

And that creeping sensation comes in. 

Why bother? Why struggle at all? What’s the point?

Does it even matter?

Or going deeper into yourself you wonder,

Do I matter?

What proof do I have that I matter?

And the universe remains cold and quiet. 

But there is a story. A human told story of old.

There once was a man, born millennia ago who came to give proof.

His testimony was truth. 

A divine being, yet fully human. You could cut him and he would bleed.

He swung a hammer and drove nails into wood. Sweat dripped from his brow.

He felt hunger. He felt thirst. He cried for his friends.

Even still, in his humanity he was somehow the source of the universe, the source of life itself.

Everything you see, all that exists is within him and for him.

Angels bow down to worship him as his goodness and authority are without question.

How could this man, this almighty being, prove to you, beyond a doubt, that you matter?

Maybe he could take away all your pain and struggle. Erase the scars.

Would that give you meaning at long last? Would that make you matter to anyone? To yourself?

Would that finally give you the answers your soul needs to rest?

Would it speak truth to your heart? Would it calm the yearning forever?

If not, what then?

What could he possibly give you to fully, completely, for all eternity, convince you that you matter?

His life.

His body.

His blood.

His innocence.

His forgiveness.

Nothing could be greater.

No greater love.

In any circumstance, in every struggle, you matter to him. He proved his love for you, on the cross, for all eternity. 

Let this pierce your heart. Let the truth in. Let life in. Let love.

And if you are sure of only one thing, be sure of this:

You are a child of God.

Nothing, nobody can take that away from you. The world can rob you of your family, your friends, your limbs, your wealth, possessions, even your life. But nobody, nothing can steal your identity. 

In the eyes of his love, you are indestructible and infinite.

You are a child of God.

And from there, here, now, today, you can build. 

Face your reality, your life, with a newborn confidence.

No matter what, the Lord calls you to heaven.

You can go there. The way will be rocky and lined with thorns.

But the walk is glorious with God.

And your testimony will tell this story of old to others that they too may be saved.

And your final destiny is to be with the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit forever more.

Glory be to God.


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5 Replies to “An ancient message for right now”

  1. Vincent, even though I know these words are true, and are what I live my life by. A week of being really sick has left me weak physically and spiritually. Your words of God’s truth were like a healing balm for my weary and hurting heart. Thank you so very much, You can’t know how much this has blessed me.
    God bless you dear brother


    1. Dear Jan,
      I have bee praying for you! The same thing has happened to me, but in reverse. Your words and prayers have lifted me up as well. It’s the beauty of the Body of Christ. Keep getting better and stronger! God bless, Vincent


  2. Thank you. I’ve had struggles lately when things in the world just seen hopeless and losses just keep coming. But standing in the hope of the Lord is all we need. Thank you for reminding us of that


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