Your true throw

IF I PROJECT spirituality outward,
is it authentic? Is it real?
Am I merely gesturing and saying words?
Do I show false humility?
Is it all exterior, only skin deep?

Has something truly changed in me?

What’s going on in the marrow of my soul?

We hear and say a lot of things these days. We just tap to see and hear it all. Everything exposed about what’s right and wrong. Even as Chrisitians we fight viciously among ourselves.

We shout, point fingers, and wave our arms. It’s all external spirituality, that is, it has no Spirit at all.

Our times, these troublesome, tough times, call for something else, I believe.

I want to tear away from the digital shouting match, everyone telling everyone what they’re doing wrong.

Instead, let me do something right.

Let that be my focus. Let that be my mission.

Let me tell the Good News. 

How far my spirituality reaches outside depends on the path it travels inside.

How deep has the Spirit penetrated my soul? From that measure, the outward expression of faith finds its true throw. A mountain gets reflected perfectly on clear, still water.

But first I must be told. Preach the Good News to me, O Spirit of God. Tell me again the prophecy of the risen Son of Man who will come again someday.

Let me pull out my pick and shovel, spit on my palms and prepare. Let the sweat drip from my brow as I put in the time and effort… to be still… to listen… to learn.

The world will tempt you, call you. There’s so much work to do! So much pleasure to be had! So much wrong to be set right!

But you will remain. You won’t stray. With the hand of God upon you, you will continue.

Swing your pick and shovel deep into faith.

Continuously seek the bedrock, the living Christ. Opening up, you let him in. It’s just you and him. Nothing hidden, everything exposed. 

And he washes you clean from scarlet red to white as snow. He frees you from the self-inflicted wound. He makes you whole again. 

And when you rise with him, you’re ready. To do something right. To fight the good fight. To share the Good News.

And the mountain will be reflected in you. Beautiful, bright, and brilliant, the Spirit of God alive and burning deep inside.

You will find your true throw… and it will reach far and wide. An expansive blessing. 

This is the abundance of God.

This is the mercy of the Lord. 

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