WORLD WAR I was a trench war. Messy. Dirty. Tiresome and long. It certainly must have felt meaningless many times. 

Battles raging for months and years, fighting your way for a few meters of territory then digging in for a long winter.

The follower of Christ might feel this way sometimes. You might be part of a prayer chain or group. Some of the stories you hear are tremendous. Or simply read the news if you want to find someone in need to pray for. 

So you pray and pray for someone and things seem to get worse before they get better.

It’s trench warfare. Dirty. Messy. Tragic. Violent.

It can even appear meaningless sometimes.

And you just might want to give up on it all. Just run and hide or act like the struggle isn’t real.

Will you harden your heart? Will you recede to a fantasy world?

It’s all so tempting, isn’t it? The fight has lasted months, years even. You’re tired, weary from the fight.

But dig in and dig deep.

This is your call. 

You are a disciple of Christ.

You are called to pray and intercede faithfully. 

You are called to stand in the breach where angels and demons engage in combat. 

Your prayers fuel the heavenly victory.

Yes, it might seem like you prayed enough to move a mountain, but things only move an inch. Or they fall back, crumbling.

But remain steadfast. Dig in your heals and grit your teeth. 

Let not your prayers be diminished in duration or sincerity. Maintain your place before the throne of God in intercession. 

And most of all..

Do not be afraid.

Do not be afraid when it seems like the walls are closing in or the lights are going out.

Do not be afraid when it looks like all hope is lost and things have reached a new low.

Do not be afraid to ask for too much, for so much, for a miracle even. 

Do not be afraid to ask God to transform a heart. 

For all along during this process, he is transforming yours.

He’s making your heart a wide open space where he enters and works wonders.

The Lord makes the heart muscle strong and loyal… to remain until the end.

No, your prayers aren’t always answered the way you want. But God answers every one.

His answer?

I am here with you. I am with you in the struggle. And the essence of this joyous task is knowing me and hearing my voice. So stay with me, my child, and I will show you who you are meant to be. 

My love will tell you your story.

And you will tell mine.

So stay. Dig in. Dig deep.

Keep praying hard.

Do not let the evil one gain even a fingernail to stop you or pull you down.

Blast Satan out with the name of Jesus and the Word of God.

And rise up with our Lord. Steady. Steadfast.

Proclaim the Good News of salvation.

May your words and gestures be built upon prayer. 

Saturated with the Spirit of God.

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8 Replies to “DIG DEEP”

  1. Vincent great words and teaching as always. Inspiration comes through you, as Jean says life does get discouraging with set backs disapointments and dreams unrealised but we need to remember that God is on the throne He is always in control and already won the victory, and it is through him alone we can get our strength. It is praying to him that we seek it and it is when praying with others we can be encouraged and lifted up.


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