FOR SOME just going out to the corner is hard enough. Others face tremendous trials every single day. For me, I get fearful sometimes too.

So I toss and turn in bed.

Fear may not manifest itself plainly as fear. It likes to work in disguise, in the shadows. So instead I might say I’m tired or sad. It’s all just too much to deal with. I’m not strong enough. I’ve had enough.

But maybe, really, I’m afraid… afraid to stand up and say, yes, I can do this. Even if it’s just facing everyday life.

Or maybe, really, I’m afraid… afraid to stand up and believe. Believe that God can and will help me.

And the temper appears to tell me, just stop. Forget about all that. You’re only human after all. Give up on your hopes and dreams. Give up on heaven. If you just sit quiet in a corner all alone, nothing and nobody can hurt you. It’s better if you just don’t feel.

And a fierce battle rages over me. Angels and demons engage in combat.

The natural world might even agree with the devil. You’re only human after all. Don’t feel bad about giving up and shutting off. It’s all just too painful.

And here fear wins. It shoves you into a corner, locks you up, and throws away the key.

But if I stop, just for a second, grit my teeth, dig in my heels and stop the backward slide, I have a chance.

If I just reach out and up to God… he delivers.

I collapse into his arms, immersed in his mercy.

Give me courage, O Lord.

And God comforts me. He is with me. Instead of a natural solution, I receive the supernatural. It doesn’t make me a hero. It simply returns meaning to my life. It’s the law and love of God that reigns over all creation.

I need this more than ever now. Just living is hard sometimes. So much noise and confusion. So much worry, hurt, and suffering. And heaven seems so far away.

But the Lord tells me, go deeper. Deeper into your heart of hearts, deeper into the heart of Christ.

Go there and find the courage you need. And if everyday life seems too big to handle lately, if you feel tempted to sink into despair, just stop.

Remember the cross. Remember the empty tomb. Remember the risen Lord.

Remember when you found the strength you thought you never had.

And remember you are loved so very much by Almighty God. Nothing, no one can take his love away from you.

And from there rebuild. Gain the supernatural courage that comes from the heavens and casts out Satan’s lies.

It’s worth it to feel. The struggle is worth it. You are worth it. You are alive.

And in this valley of tears, you will find great courage. You will not fear, as God’s hand is upon you. Christ is with you.

And you will rejoice. You will be glad.

The Lord our God clears away the clutter, chaos, and fear.

And the Kingdom of Heaven opens up wide to you.

You stand up. You come out of your corner and say…

I can do this. I believe.

God is with me.

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4 Replies to “COURAGE”

  1. This is such a vital and wholesome dose of spiritual medicine into the veins of all of us this day who so desperately need the supernatural strength of God as we maneuver our way daily through this wicked earthly journey. Thank you again Vincent for your words of great inspiration. May God continue to bless and keep you.


  2. Vincent you basically described the last 10 years of more of my life, settling, hiding, keeping safe, accepting life’s limits and purpose. Thank God he brought people into my life last year to change that and ignite the fire within me, so even when life got so much harder I desire to stand up in the spirit and not cower away. I don’t manage it everyday and never will but Gods power never leaves. Amen


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