Good medicine

I DO MY BEST to understand the world, but it’s not easy. I do my best to understand those around me and life circumstances, but it’s hard sometimes.

And it frustrates me. And I see how it frustrates others. It’s so difficult to understand, especially now.

The reactions vary. Some cry. Some shout. Some demand justice. Some attack. Some hide.

Still, there’s one reaction that’s not so common these days. It might the best one, and it eventually leads to a heavenly place.

What is it? Seek healing.

In my walk of faith, I know what’s right and wrong. I know the things I have to say and have to pray. But along the way, I forget about healing sometimes. I forget how much I need to be healed.

It’s closing your eyes and going back to that deep place again. It’s letting yourself go into God’s hands to receive his tenderness.

A big part of faith is of the mind. It’s thought, action, and decision. We learn to live responsibly, give generously, and do our best to promote the Kingdom of Heaven.

Still, there are places inside me that still hurt. Parts of my history still haunt me. And Jesus waits for me there—in patient, loving mercy.

When the world confronts trouble, our old wounds sting again. And we react from there. I’m a hurt child who is scared and afraid. I feel threatened. So I will run and hide, point a finger, or fight like hell.

We desperately want to know the truth about how to confront illness and social despair. We want to know what the future will hold for us and our children. We doubt and we worry. We seek sure, confident answers, and if someone shouts loud enough, we think they might know.

We are like little children scurrying around over the face of the earth.

But maybe if we see ourselves as children, as we are, then we can get closer to God. We can trust.

What if I seek deep healing instead of stressing and trying to figure it all out?

What if I let my guard down and do nothing else but let the Holy Spirit in? No action, no plan, no objective except presenting myself in worship and adoration to receive the healing grace of God.

The leper on his knees receives Jesus’ healing touch.

Could this be the answer the world seeks so desperately?

And from there, cleansed and healed from the hurt and sin I caused and that was caused against me, something even more miraculous bursts forth.

A heavenly place called forgiving.

So, say it out loud.

I forgive you.

I forgive… who? Put their name in that space. Say it out loud. In the name of Jesus, say you forgive them and watch the devil flee. Include your name on that list too.

You might hesitate, you might be afraid, but trust that God has you in his hand. You can do it.

You can be healthy. You can forgive.

Spread this forgiveness all around, even to those who never knew they hurt you. It’s incredible. Liberating. You regain peace and perspective.

In our troubled world, who is seeking this now? God’s healing grace. Forgiving. It almost sounds strange. Supernatural. It’s the medicine we all need.

So taste and see. The Lord is good.

Be healthy. Forgive. Be free.

And when Jesus heard it, he said to them, “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick; I came not to call the righteous, but sinners.”

Mark 2:17

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