Sweet, sweet joy

If I want to be proactive, if I want to be prepared, I must pray more.

I speak of new dialogs, new structures and realities as the old ones must fade.

The Lord tears down the obstacles and builds new truths for you to see.

New bricks. Fresh understanding for you today in this valley of tears.

It is still possible to walk on the waters,

skip on the clouds,

fly to the heavens…

As there is no room for remorse in salvation.

I speak of heaven and hell as they are real.

Run to one.

Flee from the other.

Your soul depends upon it.

Some, in living hell as nobody’s there to help them out.

The Lord relentlessly seeks to rescue us from hell.

Reach out your hand to be lifted up.

Or to pull someone out.

And the world relentlessly seeks to invade your mind, your heart.

The world sells you a cheap false promise of the incorruptible,

of life everlasting.

But only the Creator can assure you of this.

The only place they can’t hack is a soul saved by God.

And I lift up my hands.

I praise Jesus.

And sweet, sweet joy overcomes me.

Overwhelms me.

All this is still possible, even in our valley of tears.

Some teardrops full of joy after all.

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