Have you not heard?

Whatever your mood today, wherever you are, one thing is certain.

Our crazy world leaves us dizzy, more than ever it seems.

For some it’s terrifying. Some have been frozen.

Others continue without a care. How do they do it?

But let’s face it. We are all tired. This year has worn us out.

Even those who rage feel the strain and fatigue.

And then there’s that creeping sensation, the temptation to lose all hope.

You don’t have to act as if you have it all together. It’s okay to worry.

A fake happy face is hard to wear all the time.

Still, for those who follow Jesus, a difference remains.

A big difference.

Do you not know? Have you not heard?

Have you not received the Word of God?

Hear then again, child of God, the words of the Lord most high.

Be not afraid.

I go before you always.

No one can take you from my hand.

I am with you until the end of the age.

Lift your head… for your redemption draws near.

Take heart! I have overcome the world.

Dig deep into what you have seen and heard.

Dig deep into your spiritual memory.

Explore your heart and return to the meaning of the Son of God.

He came to us from a humble place.

A vulnerable place. A fragile place.

Life is short and precarious.

Full of risk and pain and blood sometimes.

But do not be afraid.

For you are in God’s hands. Nobody can take you from that place.

Your soul is safe in the bosom of the Lord.

So stop with those flimsy notions of power and control.

And return to the essence.

It’s your soul crying out with joy.

I am loved by my God! My soul is safe!

And those who are frozen, terrified, and lost…

… will look to you and say, how can you be joyful when the world is in flames?

How can you rejoice when everything’s a mess?

And you will say,

… because I saw God. In a fragile place. A vulnerable place.

I saw him in my heart, and he made it humble. He made it holy with his presence.

He did not hide himself from me.

The Christ came and spoke to me.

And he has set me free.

And instead of fearing tomorrow,

I wait in joyful hope for the new dawn.

Each day, brings me closer to his return.

Rejoice and be glad.

For the Kingdom of God is at hand.

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4 Replies to “Have you not heard?”

  1. Thank you so much Brenda
    I found this very encouraging
    especially now with all that is going on and so near to celebrating the birth of Christ.


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