Let freedom

We hear a lot about it these days, freedom. We think it depends on external things like a government or law. But no. Not even God takes away your freedom.

In every context you do what you want. Anything. Horribly bad. Heavenly good. It happens everywhere.

We blame the other for stealing our freedom, then we lock ourselves in a box.

Some live under brutal, deadly tyranny, and they fly free. Nothing holds them down.

Some live in places where you get anything you want, yet they are shacked and bound.

What does this mean?

The truth will set you free. What is truth? You are free.

Do you see yourself a slave? What’s that thing that drives you to the edge? You step off, and you regret it. You plunge down, down. What’s that thing?

You feel you need to be Right. Better. Higher. Stronger. Known.

You feel you need that extra something to ease the pain.

You feel that it’s no big deal and everyone does it.

Your flesh hungers, and you give in.

I’ve been there friend. In every one of those dark places. It’s a stone cold prison cell. A tomb.

And after the plunge, you’re in tears.

Imagine being free from the things that tie you down. Does it scare you to leave it all behind? Yeah, freedom is scary. Suddenly, you have to be you. You have to step back from the ledge and live life again.

And the devil comes to tell you, you have no right to be free. He might be right if you were alone in all this.

And the Lord comes to tell you, I am freedom. And he’s right by his wounds suffered for you. Precious blood spilled for freedom’s sake.

Just say it next time you want to plunge off the edge. When rage boils. When envy stirs. When craving creeps in. When hope fades.

Just say it out loud and stand firm on it.


Jesus, if your death means anything to me at all, that’s it.

The empty tomb.

I am free.

Heavenly good.

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