Something to believe in

So many now wonder where to place their hopes and dreams. Some think they have it all figured out while eternity swirls far outside their view. We are a clot of flesh on a speck of dirt in God’s universe. Keep that perspective in mind.

The world tries to scare us into believing man-made stories that promise peace and security. Is there anything left to believe in anymore?

Over 2000 years ago, God Almighty became flesh and walked among us. He’s not a ghost or spirit. He is a man. To change the world, God took the form of flesh and blood. Just like you. Just like me.

Turn away from the noise and listen to the voice inside where God is. Let your heart and soul hear. Let your spirit hear.

You are forgiven. Believe it. You can overcome your failures. Believe it. You can have courage and be of good use to many. Believe it.

Let Christ come alive in you. Let him be made manifest in your flesh. Your body moving, walking, talking and serving… your entire being proclaiming the love of God. You are free to do this. The Spirit of God lets you. Believe it.

Break the chains that tie you down. You are free to choose. Embrace the freedom presented to you. In Christ you have everything you need. You have eternity now. Believe it.

Cast out the lie that you can’t be good, better, holy, or humble. Reject the lie that all is lost, and hope is dead. You may see deep confusion and terrible things but stand firm. Face down your own demons with the hand of God upon you.

The human race cries out for help. God will answer. His answer will be those he sends—those who receive his love and share it with others. The Lord answers with men, women and children of all races and nations. God sends his children forth to serve and heal the world.

Be part of this and love being part of this—the sacred Body of Christ. Even despite the hurt and the struggle, the joy of the Spirit will reveal to you the heart of God. It is a place where your soul flies light and free.

You may feel hurt, ignored, or even betrayed sometimes. Your hands will get dirty, and you’ll be heartbroken at times. Struggles will be long and hard, lasting years or even decades. You may even question God if it’s worth it.

But if you believe, if you trust, you will never be at a loss for meaning.

You will never forget how to love.

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2 Replies to “Something to believe in”

  1. Hello Vincent again,
    As always I am inspired by your words of hope. I also would like to mention a song on YouTube on the subject of belief titled “When you believe” sung by Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston. It’s a lovely song that I hope you and your readers will tune into. Thanks again for all that you do.


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