What will I tell my children?

What will I tell my children… about this world long gone mad?

What will I tell them about tomorrow, their future?

Will I tell them that if you work hard & tell no lies it will all be okay?

Will I tell them the future looks bright and the world’s full of possibility & great hope?

Will I tell them they can live their dreams?

What will I tell my children? Will I tell them the truth? About my fears and insecurity?

When I am long gone, what will they face? How will they manage?

Am I afraid to confront what I feel, what I see coming? Am I afraid to tell them the truth?

Will I tell them that liberators may become oppressors and that things so many considered sacred now wither into emptiness? All the king’s horses and all the king’s men…

I look into my children’s eyes and see they worry too. They wonder what the future holds. They doubt.

They too hear the noise and the shouting. They too see fear driving men to explore the animal inside.

What will I tell my children? How should they prepare?

Who sees the world as fresh, brilliant, now and new? Many have grown tired and weary or angry. Many have decided that it’s not worth it, who cares, I’ll stop at nothing to have my way, I’m sick of all the noise and hurt and pain so it’s every man for himself now. I’m done with this. I don’t care. I’ll make them pay.

Which one of these should I share with my sons?


Will I tell them, to get ready for tomorrow, an ancient story shows us how—a story all but forgotten? A story so profound and full of humility that it barely gets noticed today. You’d think it was dead, that is, if it didn’t live in you.

It’s a story far away from tooting trumpets and honking horns. Lots of modern versions get tossed around, but many miss the point.

It’s a story about God serving you on his knees in silence. It’s a soft, persistent whisper that penetrates your heart if you stop to listen.

It’s a story of God, nailed to the cross, saying, I thirst and forgive them Father. It’s a heartbreaking story as that’s how love gets in. We hunger for this more than ever now. Someone please tell me they really love me. Show me how much. I need this more than ever now.

So there’s the message for my sons. Get ready for tomorrow. I love you. You are loved. God is love. This will get you through anything, come what may. It is a great, brilliant treasure.

So yes, the future is far from certain. It will be hard, much harder than ever.

But hold onto the treasure with both hands. Cling tight to the precious pearl.

It transforms your weakness into strength.

When the storm rages, it will calm you.

When you are hungry and tired, it will feed you.

If your soul gets sick, it will heal you.

When death arrives, it will resurrect you.

You will walk on water and dance with angels.

Be not afraid.



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