Dear Mr. Jesus…

Here we are again. At another crossroads, so many zigzags looping behind us already. Puzzle pieces scattered on the floor, the ones that never fit.

You see us as we are. Broken, fragile and afraid.

Sure, some of us act brave as if we know it all, but you know us, our true inside. We’re all so unsure, trembling now. Getting mad won’t give us peace. There’s so much of that now you see.

We boil ourselves down to us vs. them. And it’s killing us. But you see mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, sons and daughters, families and friends. You see God in all of us.

We’re all so afraid to look inside and really feel. Really hurt. Truly care. So we externalize saintliness thinking that a vote, politician, or petition will win us points in heaven. It doesn’t work that way, does it?

Both sides seek to devour us as we stand in line to leap into the jaws of the beast. The horrors we align ourselves with have no excuse. Can you rescue us from ourselves Mr. Jesus? Have we replaced God with the mob rule of democracy? Have our Christian values replaced Christ?

Pour your-self out Mr. Jesus. Empty your-self out. Spill your-self forth and forward out over us. May your Spirit lead us to win hearts, not campaigns. You were never a political game. You never taught resentment, rage or righteousness that does not restore. The ends never justify distorted means.

You told us; laws don’t stop the killing…

Only love does.

Dear Mr. Jesus,

You simply loved too much. You made us uncomfortable since it exposed our selfish nature. That’s why you had to die. And that’s why you came back from the dead… to show us how far you are willing to go for us, no matter what.

You saved us and set us free. Show us then, how to live free. Truly free. This is what we want so very much: freedom. In Christ we are free, truly, forever free. Your love sets us free. Your truth sets us free. Not half-truths to give us more control, but the truth that cries out to our soul saying…

“You are loved, dear one. Be not afraid. You are loved by God. Stand on this and never doubt, not even for an instant.  If you must fight, then fight to find more ways to love.”

. . . . . . .

Let this give you clarity in the chaos, in the danger, in the war. Your beacon is Christ. He says: Go forth. Spread my message of Good News. God is love.

Now mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, families and friends of every nation, race, and creed.

See God in every one of them. Even when it hurts.

This is how you love as Christ loves you.

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