Resting in the heather…

Is the world wobbling even more now? Does the earth spin on a steeper axis every day?

Just when things seem to reach maximum crazy, it gets crazier still. Reality seems out of touch with reality.

And they tell me, “Just focus on what’s in front of you, your family, your inner circle.”

Fine. But is that all?

As I know the Lord will ask me, “Where is your brother?” And Jesus tells me, “Love your neighbor, feed the hungry, and clothe the naked.”

Charity begins at home, but it should never end there.

Who can ignore the world?

I get a million messages about many nearly out on the street as the rent’s past due. Then I don’t hear from them anymore.

The line goes dead. Where are they now?

Everything has changed and nothing has changed at the same time. The suffering and joy remain. The danger never left. Always fragile, we hang by a thread.

And still we can be happy.

But I find myself restless as I know the world wobbles. I feel it shaking under my feet.

So I snuggle up to my wife and she says you poor thing. I can’t believe how much this helps. I’m still such a child.

True Rest. Where are you?

My soul tells me then, don’t you remember? When you finally felt forgiven? How little the world seeks this today… to be forgiven of its sin. How lost I would be now if it never happened to me.

In those wounds eternally healed yet open, I finally found sweet rest.

When condemnation should have crashed down upon my head, he raised his hand—the open nail print showing—and all heaven fell silent. Not a word need be spoken.

All had been said and done for me on Calvary.

You know the place. You found it and you felt it. Such a profound and spacious place of rest. You lay down in the heather, next to the stream, and small clouds slowly floated by.

Who can give me the rest I need?

Only one can. And He is God.

True Rest. Here you are.

Savior of my soul.

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Sections of this post were inspired by the sermon, The Wounds of Jesus,  by C.H. Spurgeon.

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