The whisper that breaks through

WE HUMANS go to great lengths to establish stability in our lives. As our reality becomes increasingly unstable though, how should we react?

Yesterday, during dinner time, my family sat and ate mostly in silence. This isn’t common for us. We usually talk about something, anything. Our conversations are lively, but last night was quiet. I think we just needed to dial down some. I think we’re all worn out a bit.

The entire world is worn out it seems. The news cycles wear us out. Our personal struggles wear us out. It hurts to hear about others struggling with loss. Some of us yearn for a time when life was more stable, but stability is fleeting. How many of us haven’t lived through at least one major life crisis?

Even if the rest of the world hums along smoothly, when strife or danger hits home, it’s like you face a hurricane.

During a crisis, some turn inwards and shut down. Others cry out to anyone and everyone who might listen. Many reach out to family and friends. And some finally break down and seek God.

Even non-religious people often turn to God when things begin to fall apart. This usually happens when it looks like there’s no way out.

Exploding crisis. Big lies or loss. Life or death. Game over. Go to God.

Today, many world events appear to be converging into a mega crisis scenario. Some huddle together in clans and unleash their fear by hating others. Others go on with life acting as if everything is fine, but deep down—even unconsciously—they know serious changes are unfolding.

And I ask myself, “How should I get ready? How should I prepare myself and my family?”

I remember hugely critical moments in my past when everything seemed to be crumbling down. I was plunging into an abyss and grasping for something, anything. It all led me to seek God. I learned what it meant to be forgiven and loved by him.

His Spirit set me free.

Still, even after you discover your faith, it’s not like life becomes all sunshine and roses. Not even close. Just like for anyone, new challenges and tough situations come up, again and again. It happens on the outside and the inside. Old demons don’t leave without a fight. There’s gnashing of teeth and gouging of eyes.

But with God, your perspective has changed. You have changed.

Still, in new moments of crisis, it’s sometimes hard to seek him. A resistance appears. You might think you need to do it all on your own. Or you feel so crappy about everything that you freeze. You might get tempted to throw in the towel—to forget about God since he doesn’t give you a clear, fast answer. Maybe the devil tries to fool you saying it’s better to freak out, lose hope, stop caring, or anesthetize yourself. So you keep kicking the can down the road to despair.

Sooner or later though, all those strategies fail. Sooner or later, your soul cries out from under the massive weight of it all. You can try to ignore it if you want. Irrational, never-give-in denial has led many to a place of no return.

Or… you can consider Jesus Christ.

And here, I stop.

If we lived in a place where nobody ever heard of Jesus, you might ask, “What do you mean? Who is this person you call ‘the Christ’?” You might listen attentively with genuine interest. For some in the western world, his name has lost all impact. Maybe his followers are to blame since we throw around his name too casually.

Yes. Jesus loves you, but remember…

All that you suffer, all that you hear about, all the atrocity, injustice, pain, and loss… all your uncertainty, all your fear and insecurity, even all your misery and shame… the final, definitive answer God gives to us is the Christ.

I can tie myself into intellectual knots trying to prove or disprove this truth. The debate will rage until the end of time.

But at some point, all arguments must stop. At some point, in the desolation, everything stops: all the sad news, craziness, danger, and confusion running the world today. You stop trying to figure it all out by yourself. You stop in your walk through this valley of tears. It’s just you and God, and you say…

“Really? Do you really love me so much? Can this be true?”

Consider his message, at its root—how history pivoted decisively around Jesus’ crucifixion and death. Let your heart open up wide and consider how he gave himself up for you. God, giving himself up in this way—let your soul consider this.

Have the courage to be loved and embraced fully by God, once and for all. Have the humility to believe in the resurrection and fall at the feet of the risen Lord.

So deep and profound is this message that millions upon millions have been nourished by it for centuries. And now, ironically, when we need this Good News more than ever, the noise and chaos of the world threatens to drown it out.

But your heart hears. Your soul knows. And even if Satan unleashed all his demons at once to scream and make such a howling noise—the hungry, weary soul would still hear through it all—the soft whisper of the love of God.

What stops you from accepting his pure goodness?

As the world rages and gets more confusing, be prepared. Rest on God. Your peace can not depend on any person or circumstance. It can’t depend on you either. Not in good times, nor in bad. Something sooner or later breaks down. Instead, come to know God Almighty—get to know him again and again—and rest only on him.

You have come to know his Son, and Jesus spoke to you of his Father. His Word is packed full of sustaining wisdom and clarity. The Spirit brings it all home to you in a real, powerful, life changing way.

Let the Spirit prepare you, come what may. And may your family and others witness the grace of God working in you. May your testimony inspire others to seek the Lord—not because you are wonderful, but since God has worked wonders in you.

See clearly our heavenly destiny, for all those that choose to accept it.

My words can never capture it completely, but maybe your heart will… if you let it.

If you trust.

Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.

2 Corinthians 3:17

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