How are you coping lately? … and other bricks on my mind

SOME semi-random bricks to build my inner dialog. Maybe some might help you build yours. Take what is useful.

. . .

I remember way back in March talking with a group of people and saying, “This is our war. Every generation faces a serious event like this sooner or later. This is it for us.” Some of them sort of laughed at me.

My parents were born in Korea. They survived the Korean War. Every generation faces at least one major world or national crisis. This is ours.

. . .

Down here in Buenos Aires, my son works for Rappi. It’s a delivery app. He gets orders on the app (pizza, fast food, anything…), and then delivers them by bicycle. My son tells me more and more people are showing up to work for Rappi every day, and this dilutes everyone’s earnings. This worries me.

. . .

Being in a war doesn’t mean that you will necessarily face bombs and bullets. And even despite the trouble, people still sing, dance, and celebrate. We humans have an amazing ability to adapt and laugh even in the face of stress and danger. That’s so awesome. God gave us this ability. We need to use it.

In WWII concentration camps, the prisoners set up skits and recitals. They needed this kind of release so much they sometimes even skipped meals to sing and laugh.

. . .

I find myself laughing harder at funny things lately. It’s like I need to feel the joy of laughter more than ever.

. . .

500 mg of vitamin C and a cup of green tea every day. Exercise. These are good for your immune system.

. . .

Part of my coping strategy lately has been a sort of compartmentalization. Family matters have a priority—or at least I do my best here (so hard when you’re busy). Church & ministry issues next. I process news daily, which is mostly quite dense. Work. I try not to mix and handle things all at once.

Then, when I pray, the Lord organizes it for me. He shows me where some gaps in my attention or understanding might be. And he tells me, “There’s a lot you don’t understand. Trust me. Be not afraid.”

. . .

By nature, I’m sort of a lone wolf. But I’m trying to lean even deeper into my parish community. Community in Christ is salvation.

. . .

I know about and hear about many who are wounded and suffering. Many, many prayer requests. I put all that in a special compartment too. I pray and I ask the Lord to fill it with his mercy and grace. I cry out into that compartment of my heart.

. . .

When others lose hope, be hopeful for them. It’s being Christ-like and accompanying Christ at the same time. Hide together with them in the wounded side of the Lord. Be present. Be there for them.

See Jesus in those who suffer. Accompany the crucified Lord.

. . .

See Jesus in the other. See the other in Jesus. These two phrases sound similar, but they are different. Both perspectives matter.

. . .

Sometimes in our humanity, we suffer and hurt and can’t find meaning. The Spirit fully explains things to our spirit. It’s a heavenly conversation. By the Spirit can we fully accept and fully love.

. . .

The world may lose all logic, all sense—but the Resurrection rises above it all. It completes it. It perfects it. In the impossible desert of pain and anguish, HE is risen.

The Resurrection is our greatest truth. Seek a deep fusion—the union of the Gospel with your soul. This generates perpetual spiritual joy.

. . .

Your powerlessness becomes divine power when it all depends on God. You give it up to him, and he begins to reveal his essence to you. Your soul thirsts for this. He begins to work, but in his manner & timing… in a godly way, a spiritual way. It’s the mystery of the ages. We need to let this process happen. We need to let God prepare us.

. . .

Seeing nothing, we believe. Blessed are those who believe without seeing.

. . .

Sing. Dance. Celebrate. Laugh hard.

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2 Replies to “How are you coping lately? … and other bricks on my mind”

  1. Thank you again, Vincent Chough for your sharing of links to maintain sanity in a insane world. All we need is to remember God’s gifts and promises and His eternal love when all else fails. The Trinity remains steadfast forever. God bless you.


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