In the meantime… do good

The good Lord has forgiven and given me so much. There are many others out there that feel the same way.

We know how much we owe to God, not that he demands any kind of payback—how could we possibly repay him? When someone gives you so much, so generously, how do you respond?

One way is to do good.

There’s a lot of need and suffering out there. We may not see it in front of our eyes, but we know it exists. Don’t be afraid to see this. Don’t turn away from the hurt. Instead, let the Lord move your heart towards compassion. Let his Spirit bring forth abundant life from your heart.

When you try to do good, you’ll fall short. Against this troubled world, it will seem like you can’t even make a dent. Still, by God’s grace, keep trying. The Lord will fill in the gaps and the corners you can’t reach.

And people might laugh at or criticize you. They’ll say you’re doing it wrong or that you’re wasting your time. Even the people you try to help might let you down, or even betray you. And while others drink and be merry, you’ll be busy doing good. Sometimes it will be hard, and it will hurt, and you won’t want to.

But remain firm. These things also happened to Jesus… but he followed the path set by his heavenly Father. The path of mercy and hope. The path of glory to God. The path of his passion and resurrection. Consider these things and gain strength. Remain faithful and solid in the Lord.

Don’t forget to do good to yourself. When you need to rest, rest well. Celebrate joyously the gift of your life. And when you need help and can’t help yourself, cry out. Cry out earnestly, from the depths of your soul. God waits for this. He will never force you, but when you cry out, he will act.

His Spirit will move over you. Open yourself up to this. Be not afraid. Believe that a miracle can work in your soul. And upon your faith, the Lord our God will work a miracle.

Then return to fight the good fight. With the Spirit of God, you are much stronger than you know.

There are three places you can be, and two lead to despair. The third one is the path to life.

The first one is thinking you can’t do anything. It’s apathy or selfishness. Since there’s too much to do, you do nothing. And your heart grows cold and hard.

The second path of despair is thinking you can do everything. You think you are a savior; it all depends on you. Sooner or later it all comes crashing down since you left the most important things unprotected.

The third path gives glory to God. It says to do good where you are called to do good. Seek and listen carefully to this call. Then lean into it full force. Let nothing distract you from your task. Charity begins at home, but it doesn’t end there, so give generously. You have so much to give. Even simple words and gestures speak of God’s love.

And when the wind pushes you back, and the evil one sends his multitudes against you, dig in your heels and resist. When the enemy lies and tries to tell you it’s a waste of time, invoke the name of your King, Jesus Christ, and cast out the evil one.

Resist envy, frustration, or resentment. Push back and gain ground, inch by inch, for the Kingdom of Heaven. Proclaim it and claim victory as the Lord has already won the victory in your heart.

As you have been forgiven, as you have been loved so much… let others know this. Let others feel this. And in this way, you’ll do so much good.

Many multitudes have been touched by the love of Christ. His Spirit burns fiercely in our hearts. May the Body join together to do good over the entire face of the earth until our Savior comes again.

It will be good for that servant whose master finds him doing so when he returns.

Matthew 24:46

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2 Replies to “In the meantime… do good”

  1. Encouraging thoughts on doing good, for God’s glory. I especially liked the leaning into the call. I’ve been sensing God may have a new work for me, but I’m not sure what this is quite yet. My family needs my love right now. And I will watch and listen for others. Thanks for sharing your insight.


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