A prayer for our times… Cry out

The spiritual tension in the air is thick. Some might attribute it solely to anxiety or stress due to the many crises facing the world today, but there’s something else. Human souls are suffering and crying out. We all feel the spiritual impact.

I’ve received many prayer requests over the years, and the number and nature of these have intensified considerably. This comes as no surprise as things are rough out there. Meanwhile, some of us might be in a spiritual slumber. We’re fully aware of unfolding events, but we’re not stepping up our prayer efforts.

Still, we feel the tension. Nobody is immune. It might appear as apathy or a desire to run away. You might be having strange dreams or odd thoughts that aren’t natural to you. Or you might feel a general density about life that makes everyday tasks harder than ever.

The enemy’s specialty is manipulation, and it’s running high these days. One of his dirtiest tricks is to get us to lash out in the name of righteousness. There’s so much built up resentment out there, and it’s being released like a torrent.

I firmly believe Satan is working behind the scenes in much of this. Evil is certainly afoot.

Even though we must take concrete actions to fight the evil, we must also take up spiritual arms. Action and prayer must go hand in hand, and our times call for both more than ever.

Don’t let the enemy distract you. Stand firm in the breach. You are a child of God. Never, ever underestimate the importance of this. It was by the blood of Christ that we can claim our indestructible identity. Do not diminish the value of this. Instead, let your life glorify our Savior Jesus Christ.

Our prayer is the tip of the lance, wielded by the hand of God, to strike down the hideous beast of sin that inflicts all sorts of abuse and atrocity upon humanity today.

So take up the lance of prayer and fight the good fight, O sons and daughters of God.

Reach up your arms to heaven and cry out…

Cry out that the Body of Christ responds to the call to prayer as it shows how much we depend on and need God right now, today.

Cry out for God’s mercy to be poured out over you, your household, your town, and your country.

Cry out to God to spill forth his merciful Spirit to reach every distant corner where the sick, addicted, hopeless, and lonely suffer in silence, and that the Spirit of the Lord drives out all despair.

In the name of Jesus, cry out for the liberation of minds from the deceit of the enemy. Cry out that they see past the rage and resentment that blinds them.

Cry out for the little ones, the victims who suffer with no hope and no help—the weak, small, defenseless.. and the not yet born. Cry out that the Lord will send his providence and protection to them in heavenly proportions.

Cry out, in Jesus name, for Almighty God to extend his strong hand to crush the head of the serpent. Cry out for our liberation from the lies and aggression of Satan.

Cry out for the leaders of this world to put aside their lust for power and division and instead seek to unite and serve their citizens. Cry out that they resist fear and have the courage to serve us faithfully in humility and grace.

Cry out that those deep in evil activity are struck forcefully between the eyes and blinded by the hand of God. That they fall down blind in repentance, and that they are restored to sight by grace in Christ to praise God and to serve those who hunger and hurt.

Cry out that all Christians undergo a deep spiritual awakening that meets the challenges of our times. Cry out that the Sprit of Christ truly becomes manifest in us as we set aside any false trappings of faith such as power, control, greed, and prestige. May we fall down in prayer, faces in the dirt, not worthy to even seek the Lord’s face. May we ask for forgiveness—for ourselves and for this fallen world.

Cry out for the rebirth of the Holy Gospel in our lives. That the pain and sacrifice—of Christ Jesus on the cross—pierce our hearts. That our broken hearts usher in the Spirit of God. That we be humbled before Jesus in his goodness and innocence. And that the truth of the resurrection takes hold of us firmly, emboldening us to preach the Good News, to love our neighbor, and to give of ourselves and our lives.

And may we rise up, heads held high, resurrected with Jesus Christ to praise and worship the Father in Spirit and Truth.

All according to God’s heavenly plan and timing. His Kingdom come. His will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

In the name of Jesus Christ.


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