Confused? Then do this. FIGHT EVIL.

There’s a lot of confusion and chaos out there these days. There’s a lot of rhetoric being tossed around too. There’s talk about Marxist subversives trying to stage a coup against the USA—talk about oppressive government forces crushing the rights of citizens—and talk about white nationalist racists who want to wipe out minorities.

You know what? They’re all right. There are fringe groups out there with truly evil motives. They aren’t the majority, but they are dangerously linked to mainstream movements. They contaminate the narrative with their poison. It makes picking a side these days rife with contradictions.

There are conservative Christians inadvertently aligning with full blown white supremacist fascists. There are liberal Christians inadvertently aligning with militant Antifa atheists bent on eliminating any kind of religion or family structure. I find it impossible to choose the less of two evils here.

Meanwhile, the average person watches and wonders, “It’s all so crazy. Where in the world are we headed?”

See the true struggle

You see, Satan doesn’t care if you’re for Trump or Biden or Kanye West. The evil one only wants to transform you into a vengeful, remorseless, rabid beast that seeks the utter annihilation of the other side. There are people like this on all sides. If you think these traits only appear on the “other” side, you either haven’t done your homework, or you’re in denial. Or you are a beast yourself.

This is the real danger. It’s real and it is growing. Only a tremendous force can stop it. This makes the time ripe for totalitarian solutions. No matter what side you choose, you could end up supporting something truly hideous. Many good people have been misled in the past by standing up for something virtuous and good only to be horrified by the consequences.

My conclusion? Know there is another tremendous force at work now. It’s God’s Spirit. Are you hearing his call? What does he call us to do? Fight evil.

It’s actually very clear. You simply fight evil with good.

Fight the good fight

Instead of focusing your efforts and attention on the political and cultural wars, focus on helping someone. Anyone. Make a direct impact. So many people out there are in despair. Find them. Tell them someone cares about them. Then show them. It’s very simple.

Don’t get carried away and distracted by the circus that’s being played out. Don’t get tempted to join a mob. Instead, pray for God’s mercy on us all. Then go find someone to help. Even if it’s just one person, it makes a huge difference.

This can and should be done at the church level too. Sign up to volunteer with your church. If your community isn’t doing anything, ask why. Then offer solutions. Food drives or reaching out to people with supportive video calls or phone calls… anything… but reach out. Tell someone you care about them.

Plunge yourself into this effort. This is the how the Body of Christ responds to the growing evil—with a greater good, with the greatest love. We know the love of God, and our response is to love our neighbor.

Among your family, friends, and circle of contacts, is someone lonely or afraid? Of course there is. Call them. Tell them, “Someone cares about you very much. That someone is me.”

Or maybe they just need a bit of encouragement. So tell them, “You’re doing a great job. Keep up the effort. It’s worth it. It makes you stronger and ready for the future.” Our kids especially need this now.

We are called to a higher task

Remember, by the blood of Christ you are God’s child. This does not mean you live in a fairy tale. On the contrary, you know things are complex, and it’s not getting easier. You are concerned, but you also know the Spirit of the living God lives in you. And the Holy Spirit gives you great courage.

So rise up, sons and daughters of God. Lift up your arms high and invoke the name of Jesus Christ. Cast out the evil one in the name of the Messiah. Cast out Satan’s aggression and lies. Call upon the mighty hand of God to bring his restorative justice.

And go. Find one person or one family. Be a blessing to them. Get close to them and be faithful and committed. Not just today, but also tomorrow. Week after week if needed. Take up this cross and give of yourself. Give generously. And may the Lord’s Spirit move us to love even more every day.

This is how we fight back against evil–by doing good with clarity, purpose and strength. It all comes from the cross of Christ. Show someone you care for them. Show someone you love them.

Then Jesus said to his disciples, “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me. For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it. What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul?

Matthew 16:24-26

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