Make me your living water

O MY LORD, I’ll tell you.

I get stretched pretty thin sometimes.

Things get rough, and I reach my limit. I feel like I’m going to break. Everything looks bleak, and I just want to shut down. So I close in on myself.

My mind races, I get all negative, it’s almost a dead panic, until finally…

I shut my eyes. I fall to my knees… and I seek you.

Where else can I go?

At first it’s all just anguish. I just let the pent-up frustration all out. I don’t even know what to say or to pray to you. It’s all mumbling and tears.

And you wait. You listen. You look upon me with tenderness.

And when I’m done pouring out my heart, when I’m finally empty of my worries and fears, and when I am ready…

Your Spirit comes to me.

And he tells me, “Rise up my child. Take up my Name and cast out the demons.”

So I proclaim your name. I lift up my arms and my voice. In the name of my Lord Jesus Christ I cast out the evil one, his aggression and his lies. I reject the lie that there is no hope. I reject the lie that I am finished. I reject the lie that all is lost.

I praise God’s holy name. Then you tell me, O Lord, I am your beloved child.

And the change begins within me. My doubts disappear. I dig deeper into faith. Your goodness overwhelms me.

And now, O Lord, my prayer takes shape and direction. Your Spirit leads me, guides me, and tells me:

“Pray for this my child:

Pray that the obstacles you build up inside will be broken down. Pray that I bring down the false sense of security built upon your selfishness and fear. Pray that I change your smallness and limits into a wide-open space where my grace runs free.

Pray that in place of your worry and doubt that my Spirit transforms you into living water as I am yours and you are mine. One with the Body, you will flow forward and out.

Remember, you will not bring Christ to others, that is left to me alone, as I am the owner of all grace. Instead, you will find Jesus in others. And you will serve him and you will love him. And all praise and glory will be to God.”

And so it ends. This is my prayer in your name, O Lord.

May it all be done, according to your will, O loving Lord.

In the name of my blessed Savior, Jesus Christ,


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