The political-military church & other bricks on my mind

DAY-BY-DAY, brick-by-brick, together we build the Kingdom of Heaven. Here are some thoughts bouncing around in my head and heart. Take what is useful and adapt it to your narrative.

. . .

If we don’t follow a political-military Messiah, why do we want a political-military church? Many Christians, of all denominations, get entangled in political dealings up to their ears. Some are as much a part of the military-industrial complex power game as any.

. . .

Around the time when Jesus walked the earth, the Jewish nation boiled over with social and political strife. Jesus condemned hypocrisy, but many people genuinely lived their faith in God. They were God’s Chosen People. They earnestly sought redemption, and many were baptized by John the Baptist.

They were godly people who took their faith seriously. Many died for their faith and for freedom. Thousands were crucified for standing up to the Roman empire. Even their women and children were killed in front of them while they hung on the cross.

. . .

The historical context of Jesus’ earthly ministry is monumental. The Son of God came to earth as a son of the tribe of Israel, God’s Chosen People. Meanwhile, they suffered brutal oppression. Surely Jesus came to liberate them, right? Why wasn’t Jesus a political-military Messiah? What is God trying to tell us?

. . .

Let’s imagine Jesus led a military revolt and took control. While he was in power, he would have ruled with wisdom, justice, and fairness. But what then? Would he rule in an earthly position forever? Would he become the King of the World? If not, after his reign ended, what then? Would the power hungry take over again? If Jesus was the President today, would he be able to bring peace and harmony?

. . .

The only true revolution is a change of heart. This is where we must wage war. Seeking, praying, and encouraging people to change their hearts. And asking God to change ours.

. . .

The cry for unsatisfied justice rings out everywhere today. We cry out against racism. We cry out against the wanton destruction in city streets. We cry out against police brutality and systems rigged against the disadvantaged. We cry out against the attacks on the family. We cry out against distorted identity ideologies being forced upon our children. We cry out against discrimination and violence against those who don’t fit into societies norms. We cry out against perpetual warfare waged by the wealthy & corrupt. We cry out against the violence against women. And we cry out against the killing of the unborn.

. . .

The Kingdom of Heaven is not of this world. As Jesus said, if it was, his followers would fight to prevent his arrest (John 18:36). The followers of Jesus do fight though. But it’s not with guns and clubs. It’s with love, mercy, patience, service, and compassion. It’s with deep trust in God Almighty.

. . .

The Holy Spirit has been working for centuries — to help, heal, serve, and console. To stand up to the corrupt and powerful in ways not of this world. We drive out Satan by saying, “I will not be seduced by resentment. I will not seek power and vengeance. Begone evil one. In the name of Jesus, I reject your lies.”

. . .

The Holy Spirit does not follow any political, national, or ideological agenda. The Holy Spirit does not wave a flag. All nations must bow down to God—it’s not the other way around.

. . .

All accounts will be noted and be paid in full on Judgement Day. God will settle every single account. We will face our thoughts, actions, and inactions. How we humans hate this. As if denying God can erase our history.

. . .

Those who accept the forgiveness and redemption of Jesus Christ will have their accounts wiped clean. It’s a mystery that anyone would reject forgiveness for something they did wrong.

Every sinner, no matter how terrible, can be forgiven and given paradise, even if they ask at the last millisecond of their life. The worst person you can think of can go to heaven.

. . .

From that time Jesus began to preach, saying, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.”

Matthew 4:17

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