The long-forgotten call

I LOOK all around me everywhere, and I see so many things. I see the world struggling and trying to find clarity and meaning. We search for it everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Some fight for one cause or another. Others sink deep into apathy or despair. And many others, multitudes, just try to scrape by, day-by-day.

I hear parents worry about their children and their future. Young adults worry about what world they will inherit from our decision makers. I see people worry about their health, security, and even the basic stability of society. And I see the scourge of addiction attack countless victims that find no relief for their wounded souls.

We all worry about how this chaotic world will work itself out. Maybe it’s not impacting your day-to-day life, but it affects us all. None are immune.

And so we strive, day after day, to remain hopeful, but doubting at the same time. Yes, we have moments of joy and happiness, but sometimes we can’t sleep at night either.

BUT ALSO, in this day and age, many have stepped up to give more. Down here in Argentina, a country plagued by economic fragility, I see humble neighborhoods rally themselves to feed the poor. In the USA, I see unknown saints go out into the streets to clean up after the protesters and police have gone home. I know people are reaching out to help. I know some are giving until it hurts. Some have even given their lives.

They respond to a long-forgotten call—a call to holiness.

One thing that is in very short supply today is optimism. Who can say, “I think things are going great and are definitely going to get better soon”? – perhaps only the billionaires who siphon their peace and security from the struggling masses.

But those called to holiness don’t carry any hate or resentment. They don’t let the injustice of the world weigh them down. The holy ones walk on clouds with their feet firmly planted on earth. They have abundant, overflowing optimism. They know better things are to come, since they’ve found their rest in the bosom of God.

It’s a forgotten message. It’s not about winning or self-fulfillment or prosperity or earthly promises. It’s about holiness—so often discarded in modern times. It’s about doing right and genuine love even if it comes with a high price. You know you are made for God, and so you strive towards him relentlessly. Doing wrong may feel like it’s consequence free. How effortlessly we justify sin these days—but the heart knows.

You cannot lie to the sorrow of the sinful heart.

And the world cannot silence the holy heart’s cry of joy.

I know the holy ones are out there. I’m sure of it. Working. Giving. Selflessly serving. Loving courageously. Risking their lives. And even entire communities seek holiness together.

This gives me great hope for humanity knowing this.

This gives me great hope that I might be able to do a bit more too—on my own and in my community.

May the Lord bless and keep the holy ones close to him.

May we all ask God for holiness to come to our lives.

For I am the Lord who brought you up out of the land of Egypt, to be your God; you shall therefore be holy, for I am holy.

Leviticus 11:45

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