You tired yet? Be bold & brave… Bricks on my mind

Here are some more bricks (ideas, convictions & inspirations). Take what is useful to you…

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. . .

I WISH I could tell you a fairy tale. I wish I could say, “There, there, everything will be alright.”

Instead I want to tell you the truth.  You are much stronger than you think you are. Our God is much greater than we realize. No matter what may come, the Body of Christ will rise to the challenge.

Take courage and have faith. Cleave yourself tighter than ever to the Body.

. . .

I find it impossible to get behind any political candidate these days. I do agree with them on some issues, but on others I place a hard stop. Unfortunately, the current front runners all get a hard stop.

. . .

Battle lines are being drawn, but they aren’t clear to the casual observer. For instance, it’s 100% correct and necessary to protest against police brutality and racism. But when a white woke person tries to silence a black protester’s conversation with a black police officer, who’s the racist? Who’s the supremacist?

The genuine, legitimate outrage against racism has been co-opted. But beware: genuine Christian values are being co-opted as well (Trump Bible incident). Beware of the emotional & political blinders planted by powerful narratives to control your world view.

. . .

Are you afraid to speak up about bad things your country / political party / family does? Whoever loves their mom, dad, son, or daughter more than me is not worthy of me said Jesus. The prophet calls out sin without bias.

Don’t make your religion a political weapon.  Be courageous enough to recognize and denounce sin wherever it appears, no matter how uncomfortable it is.

. . .

Satan kneeled on the neck of George Floyd and killed him. And now Satan continues his party by driving people to reckless abandon in the streets. He loves to see us hurt each other. See Chicago today.

Meanwhile, there are other armies out there, invisible to the cameras. These battalions are helping, healing, and giving until they get weary, long into the night. That’s how the soldier of Christ fights.

. . .

Don’t swim in circles in small news pond cycles. Challenge your views. Even your views about what you consider faith.

. . .

We should take Hell seriously. Jesus mentioned it frequently. But his hope was that none go there. And us? How many do we hope will go to Heaven? To Hell? Our thoughts, actions, and words reveal much about this. Many times—in our hearts—we send people to Hell and then lock the door from the outside. But the door to Hell is locked from the inside.

If we think—even a teeny, tiny bit—that we have the key, we’ll probably end up locking ourselves inside too.

. . .

We are tired. Many of us just want things to go back to normal. I’ve stopped wishing for this. May we ask to grow in faith instead. May we ask to trust God more. May we ask for stronger backs to carry our cross. May we ask the Holy Spirit to help us to love more. May our rest come from God alone, no matter how people react or how much the world spins out of control.

. . .

Remember, during this new struggle, your current life situation might be a paradise for many other human beings.

. . .

I am praying that the Covid-19 virus mutates into something harmless.

. . .

The world is in upheaval. We see revolutionary uprisings in different stages all over the world. But the spiritual revolution began with the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It never ended. For centuries many have fought the good fight. This revolution will end only when Jesus comes again.

Take courage and have faith. Cleave yourself closer than ever to Jesus Christ. He is our strength and salvation.

You carry the image and likeness of God. Give to God what is God’s.

You are not a victim. You are a child of God. Make a difference.

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2 Replies to “You tired yet? Be bold & brave… Bricks on my mind”

  1. Vincent Chough, Again you are so very right on all the social issues you raise and comment on at your Third Millennium Man website. And clearly, all of us in this world right now need the Lord our strength and provider to see our way through all of this by faith. Strong Faith. I’m sure you’ve heard of the recent goings-on in Chicago.You’ve been speaking on issues of racism and its justifications to to be protested against. However on Sunday night and early Monday morning (8/10/20), caravans of cars loaded with black young people drove into Chicago’s downtown and ravaged and rampaged and looted a large portion of its stores leaving mass damage and loss to many properties. The saddest part about all of this is it all happened for no apparent reason except for an incident that occurred earlier that Sunday afternoon in which police responded to a call involving a man with a gun running down the streets of the Englewood neighborhood. The man shot toward the police, the police returned fire and brought the man down. Justified, right? But it seems as though the residents somehow didn’t agree and in retaliation went downtown and destroyed it! Now personally, I see no justification whatsoever in any of this. And me, as a black man, am thoroughly ashamed and embarrassed by the actions of my people just at a time when in the midst of the covid-19 and to restore some kind of semblance of normalcy back into this society following the George Floyd incident and protests here in America and the world. Black Lives Matter? I can’t tell when we act out like this. When will Black Lives matter to Black people? Totally nonessential.


    1. Hello Gregory! Thank you for taking time out to comment. Yes, I knew about Chicago (just added a link about it). So much is spiraling out of control. I hear your anguish and frustration. We all are feeling this I believe, each in their own way. The problem is there are many being deceived by the enemy… and people end up getting hurt. Your testimony is important. Thank you for sharing it here. God bless you!


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